Thursday, November 19, 2009

24th list

Calumny - false statement
Link - Calumny printed in newspaper column.

Camaraderie - feeling of friendship and trust among people
Link - When I had camaraderie with her, I used to share her camera and kamara(room).

Cameo - small part in a movie
Link - In my cameo, I gifted a camera to Aiswariya Rai which contained her nude pictures.

Canard - false rumour, report
Link 1 - Karnard died is a canard because he caught me having sex with her daughter.
Link 2 - Remember Kannad movies...their fighting is so unreal..false... so remember canard as being a false portrayal.

Canker - dangerous influence that spreads
Link - Canker relates to CANCER which acts as a kankar(stone) in way of life and spreads very fast in the body.

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