Friday, October 1, 2010


Preen - to spend a lot of time to look good
Usage - She likes to dress when going to the opera
Link - sounds like Rin; commonly used detergent bar in India used for cleaning clothes.. hence preening clothes....

Prehensile - capable of grasping or holding
Usage - The octopus spread its prehensile arms and grasped the ship’s anchor. 
Link - sounds like PRE(before)+HENS+ILE before the hens can escape we have to grasp & hold them....
Link2 - with prehensile tail, monkey captured a hen...
Prelate - priest of highest level
Usage - An Archbishop is also called a prelate
Link - prelate is a priest who never becomes late...

Prelude - introduction to something
Usage - A short piano piece preluded the opera. 
Link - Joining any coaching institute is a prelude to Cat journey...
Link2 - CONCLUDE will be in the end, PRELUDE - beginning / introduction...

Premonition - feeling that something bad is going to happen
Usage - Every Thursday the villagers would gather under the mango tree to hear the seer’s premonitions.
Link - I had a premonition while carrying money in the bag...
Preponderance - superiority of power, majority
Usage - A preponderance of evidence against the defendant led to his ruin.
Link - no need to ponder when you have preponderance...
Prerogative - a right to a particular person because of their importance
Usage - Suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males
Link - remember "Interrogative" which means questioning by Investigation officers. So prerogative should be something opposite. so unquestionable...

Presage - foretell, give a warning or sign of 
Usage - It is believed that catching the bride’s bouquet is a presage of one’s own impending wedding.
Link - sounds like pre+sage- a SAGE has the power to PRE-tell the future....

Presumptuous - over confident, excessively forward, arrogant 
Usage - When Edward arrived at Jane’s house with two tickets to the play, Jane told him it that was very presumptuous of him.
Link - sumptuous Dawood was presumptuous that he will become immortal and overcome God...he had a pre assumption that he will overcome GOD..

Pretext - false reason that you give for doing something, excuse
Usage - Immediately after stealing the lady’s necklace, the housekeeper left under the pretext that her mother was seriously ill.
Link - sounds like textbook....when your teacher asks for an explanation for your low marks, you try to find an EXCUSE that you donot have a TEXTbook...

Prevaricate - to avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide truth
Usage - The politician prevaricated about the basic points of his policy on health care for the elderly.
Link - when Kate Winslet's fiance was verified, Kate prevaricated...

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nikhil said...

i hav been reading to vocab ideas and appreciate the work a lot..and hav talked abut it wid my friends..
i hav gone thru almost all the list but i think i need a copy of the full list..for quick access or revision..
its a vry tedious process of makin a copy as net are always nt wid u
so..if possible kindly..forward me a copy of the full list..
which may be help-full to me and my friends.... advance..
keep up d gud work