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Delineate - show the form or outline of, explain in detail
Usage - A settlement to delineate the border
Link - De + LINE ate; when you want to draw the sketch of something, first you draw the OUTLINE using lines.
Link2 - a map is always delineated through neat lines...

Delirium - state of mental agitation, uncontrolled excitement
Usage - Sport fans in delirium after their team's victory
Link -
sounds like deli + r(i)um... taking rum daily will cause mental disorder

Delude - deceive, be false to; to be dishonest with 

Usage - She deluded herself into thinking he cared of her
Link - sounds like allude; Raj's girlfriend alluded (indirectly suggesting) him for sex and took him to his room, and  then she deluded and took away all the money.

Deluge - an overwhelming number or amount, a great flood of water 

Usage - A deluge of  criticisim
Link - sounds like HUGE; Remember Tsunami? A HUGE wave(flood of water)
Link2 - so when the Del company advertised in the newspaper for new jobs, there was a huge rush of requests, a deluge of requests.

Delve - to search deeply and laboriously; to dig the ground 

Usage - She delved deep into her mother's past.
Link - Delve sounds like Shelves; If we misplace an important file or anything we first delve our shelves
Link2 - At 12, sardars always tries to delve an idea about them being sardars... :)...hope you got it...

Demented - mentally ill, insane, suffering from dementia or a loss of cognitive function
Usage - Her warnings were dismissed as ramblings of a demented old woman.
Link - sounds like mental...
Link2 - For all the tennis fans, russian tennis player elena dementieva;She is a top ten tennis player and usually reaches semifinals or finals of every tournament but in the finals she plays as if she is DEMENTED(ill) and loses the match

Demotic - of or relating to the common people, popular, familiar, ordinary. 

Usage - a populist, demotic politician.
Link - sounds like de(give)+moti(fat) asking a thing from your moti friend is very common..
Link2 - sounds like deMOTIc. Moti means pearl, which is very famous or popular in Hyderabad (pearl city). So buying moti in hyd would be considered common and ordinary.

Demur - To voice opposition, a formal objection, to show reluctance or hesitation.
Usage - At first I demurred when he asked me to do it.
Link – sounds like ‘dam ur’. So if a person is not the least satisfied with one’s suggestion, he would object by saying, ‘damn you and ur suggestion’

Demure - Modest and reserved in manner or behaviour, affectedly shy, modest. 

Usage - She's very demure and sweet.
Link - 
since you have objected demi moore's proposal she is demure
Link2 - Demure is opposite of demur...So a demure will never complain or voice opposition, he/she will always be reserved, shy and modest.

Denigrate - To attack the character or reputation of, speak ill of, defame, to disparage;belittle 

Usage - I'm not trying to denigrate her achievement.
Link – sounds like deny + gratitude. So denigrate is to deny gratitude to others by means of making disparaging remarks or speaking badly about them...
Link2 - focus on the 'nigrate' part of this word and relate it to 'nigger' (which means people who have black skin)...avoid racism please....

Denouement - the final outcome of a sequence of events, the end result, the climax or conclusion 

Usage - an unexpected denouement to the affair.
Link – To be pronounced as ‘denoyment’, sounds like ointment. The end result or the final outcome of applying ointment on a wound will be the wound getting fully cured.

Deprecate - To belittle, depreciate, express a negative opinion, express disapproval. 

Usage – They deprecate him and refer to him as 'a bit of a red'.
Link - sounds like depreciate. Depreciate means to lower in value or size, similarly deprecate means to belittle or show other people low.

Depredation - a predatory attack, a raid, the act or an instance of plundering, a destructive action. 

Usage - Crops can be decimated by the unchecked depredations of deer.
Link – Concentrate on dePREDATion. A predator is an organism that survives by killing and eating other organisms. So depredation is the act of plundering, marauding or destroying, collectively a destructive action.

Deranged - To disturb the order or arrangement, upset the normal condition or functioning, disturb mentally, become insane.

Usage - His mind had become deranged as a result of his ordeal; mentally deranged.
Link – Deranged is opposite of arranged. When things are not in order or deranged, people get mentally disturbed which leads to madness.

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