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Derelict - abandoned, a homeless or jobless person, a person without a home
Usage - His body was found dumped in a derelict warehouse.
Link – a derelict was licking the milk at mother dairy

Deride - to speak of or treat with contempt, mockery, or ridicule, to insult, scoff
Usage - This theory is widely derided by conventional scientists.
Link – sounds like the + ride. David was scared of rides and when he refused to take the ride, he was derided.

Link2 - girls derided him when he fell duting riding a horse...

Descry - To discover by careful observation or scrutiny, to detect, to catch sight of things which are at a distance.
Usage - From the top of the hill I descried a solitary rider.
Link – sounds like de(tect) + scr (utin)y. Scrutiny means a careful examination or observation. So to detect something after scrutiny is descry

Desecrate - to violate or outrage the sacred character of (an object or place) by destructive, blasphemous, or sacrilegious action, to despoil.
Usage - She shouldn't have desecrated the picture of a religious leader.
Link – sounds like de + to spoil the sacredness....

Desiccate - To dry out thoroughly, to make dry, dull, or lifeless, to dehydrate.
Usage - There was only the sun-bruised and desiccate feeling in his mind.
Link – sounds like de + suck + it (moisture). To desiccate is to suck out all the moisture or water and make things dry and lifeless...

Link2 - desi girls suck deep and then dry the tool....i hope you got it.... 
Link3 - sounds like "Desert Cake": Cake that has been dried out and turned dull in taste.

Despoil - To deprive of something valuable by force; rob, to plunder, to damage irreparably.
Usage - the modern day industry which has despoiled the town
Link – sounds like stress on spoil. When you spoil something, you damage it irreparably. So to despoil means to plunder, devastate or destroy.

Despondent - disheartened; lacking hope or courage; dejected.
Usage - He often felt despondent after these meetings.
Link – Despondent -> correspondent. The CWG (OC) chief was despondent after a meeting with correspondents of BBC & CNBC.

Link2 - sounds like pepsodent....the pepsodent owner was despondent when his company occured losses and was closed..then he was sitting idle and throwing stones in the pond...

Despot - A ruler with absolute power, a cruel and oppressive dictator.
Usage - He described the president as a ruthless despot.
Link – sounds like on the spot. A ruler or dictator who will punish you on the spot, for the smallest of mistakes, just because he has the power to do so is a despot.

Link2 - I killed a despot with dus(10) pots... :) 

Desultory - Having no set plan; haphazard or random, unmethodical.
Usage - We made some desultory conversation while we waited for the bus.
Link – sounds like sultry.I was roaming with a sultry girl in the park with no aims..i was such a doosh.. :)

Link2 - De-result...Obviously a haphazard or desultory approach will result to nothing.

Devolve - to transfer to lower person, to delegate or cause to pass to a successor or substitute, as duties, power, etc.
Usage - the need to decentralize and devolve power to regional governments.
Link – sounds like Revolve. When you want to pass the cricket ball to your friend (for bowling), u throw it along the ground, the ball revolves or rolls and finally reaches your friend. So devolve means to pass on or delegate a work or duty to another person...

Link2 - if you are involved you do the work.....but if you DEVOLVE it to someone else then you are no longer involved in it.

Diabolic - devilish, fiendish
Usage - a life of diabolic depravity.
Link – Diabolic -> Diab(etic) + alcoh(olic). Imagine a person who is diabetic and alcoholic, what would he look like??

Link2 - di + aboli(abolition)....process of destroying something usually done by devils
Link3 - Dia Mirza is so diabolical...wo boli ki kal she will strip for me...but she didn't...but when the director told her to she did at that time only...

Diadem - A crown worn as a sign of royalty, an ornamental jewel signifying sovereignty.
Usage - a diadem held the veil firmly in place.
Link - a diamond diadem fell in a dam...

Link2 - dia + dem; dia + gem; dia is related to circle; Circle of Gems is what a crown has
Link3 – Diadem -> Dia(na) + gem. Princess Diana used to wear a diadem studded with gems.

Dialectical - The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments, reasoning, ratiocination.
Usage - He spent much time learning rhetoric and dialectic.
Link -
dia means round, lect means lecture. A lecture which is given with people sitting around is called a discussion or a debate.
Link2 – Dialectic -> Dial(ogue) + election. Before election, opposition leaders have a dialogue in order to find out the truth about the nature of the work done by the ruling party. They spend a lot of time debating and reasoning.

Diaphanous - transparent or translucent, sheer

Usage - a diaphanous dress of pale gold chiffon.
Link – Diaphanous -> Di (two) + fena + use. Use 2 drops of FENA (detergent) and clothes will become clean and clear, to the extent that you can see through them. Slightly exaggerated!!

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