Friday, October 15, 2010


Decollete - (of a dress) having a low-cut neckline
Usage - She is wearing a decollete dress.
Link - sounds like the+collect....think a girl is wearing low neck cut dress...and you thrown a gold coin so that she will bend to COLLECT it....

Decoy - lure or baitUsage - They used flares to decoy enemy missiles
Link - sounds like dacoit...a decoy was set to decoy the dacoit using a blond girl....

Decrepitude - state of collapse caused by illness or old age
Usage - The boundary between healthy middle age and total decrepitude
Link - decre(decrease) + pitude(aptitude) if your aptitude is decreasing, it is an indication of OLD AGE, thats when a person becomes weak and in a state of deterioration...his mind stops working...
Link2 - Decrease in Brad pit's muscular strength made him very weak...

Decry - express strong disapproval of, condemn openlyUsage - To decry obsolete coinage
Link - sounds like deep + cry... focus on the CRY PART ...a girl CRYING to express her disapproval of getting married now.

Deface - mar, disfigure, spoil the appearance of
Usage - It is illegal to deface bank notes
Link - Hero ne Villain ke FACE pe mar mar kar usko DEFACE kar diya.

Defile - pollute, profaneUsage - Defile a river with sewage
Link -  If you (de)FILE a case against him you will defame his image...hence defile...
Defoliate - to deprive (a plant, tree, or forest) of leaves, to cause the leaves of (a plant, tree, or forest) to fall off.Link – sounds + foliage...Foliage means all the leaves of a tree considered as a group. So to defoliate means to remove or cause the leaves of a plant, tree to fall off.

Defray - To undertake the payment of (costs or expenses), to pay, bear the expenses.
Usage - The government has committed billions toward defraying the costs of the war.
Link - Two persons were involved in a fray(dispute) and later one of them had to defray the other person for the damages.
Link2 - def + ray -> by paying for their education, you provide a "ray" of hope for "deaf" people!!

Defrock - to strip of priestly privileges and functions, to deprive of the right to practice a profession, to deprive of an honorary position.Usage -A priest can be laicized by his request or by penalty; the term defrock is usually used
in the latter case.
Link - Defrock -> De + frock. So after stripping a nun(removing her frock), you will defrock her..
Link2 - the priest was defrocked after he came in a frock...

Defunct - no longer operative or valid, dead or extinct, obsolete.Usage - the leader of the now defunct Social Democratic Party
Link - Defunct -> de + functional. So something that is not functional or not in operation or use, hence obsolete.

Deify - To make a god of; raise to the condition of a god, to idealize, exalt to the position of god.Usage - Apollo's son was deified as the god of medicine.
Link - Rhymes well with deity. Deity means a god or goddess; deify means to treat someone like a deity.
Deign - do something that one considers to be below one's dignity, to condescend, stoop
Usage - He didn't deign to reply.
Link - Reign, which shows high dignity, is the opposite of Degin, which shows low dignity.

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