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Diatribe - bitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
Usage - an extended diatribe against academia.
Link - sounds like
dia+tribe:the lower ranked tribe(in caste division) always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people.

Dictum - a formal or authoritative statement or assertion, a popular saying. 

Usage - his dictum that the priority of the government must be the health of the people.
Link - sounds like dictator; a dictator makes authoritative statements or dictums.
Link - Dictum -> dict + im (portant). To ‘dict’ means to make a statement officially, and if the statement is an important one, then it becomes a dictum. So dictum means a formal authoritative statement.

Didactic - intended to teach or moralize excessively, serving to inform or enlighten. 

Usage - In totalitarian societies, art exists solely for didactic purposes.
Link -
didi always acts in a way she is teaching something..
Link2 - sounds like Di + tactic. In the movie ‘titanic’, di caprio adopts a didactic tone when he teaches rose the tactics involved in using an axe.

Diffidence - shyness, lack of self-confidence, timidity or shyness. 

Usage - He spoke with certain diffidence.
Link - Diffidence is the opposite of confidence, so it means lacking confidence...
Link2 - dance was difficult so it lead to diffidence among the children....

Dilapidated -
falling to pieces, in a bad condition, ruined because of neglect
Usage - She lived in a dilapidated old cottage.
Link - 
I drank a DILuted API(appy) juice which was outDATED(expired).... my stomach got RUINED as a result of my own NEGLECT.
Link2 - My DELL laptop is in dilapidated condition...

Dilatory - tending or inclined to delay or waste time, dallying. 

Usage - They performed their work in a dilatory fashion.
Link – Sounds like ‘delaytory’. So having the tendency to delay or postpone things (by wasting time) is dilatory.
Link2 - Extract 'late' from the word dilatory and you get.... delay which is generally due to waste of time.

Dilettante -
aimless follower of an art or a field of knowledge (not taking it seriously)
Usage - The sailing elite considered him a rank amateur, a dilettante.
Link – Dilettante -> Dil – E – Dante. Agar dil se kaam nahin karoge to daant (scolding) khaoge aur dilettante kehlaoge!!
Dimunition - the act of decreasing or reducing something 
Usage - A slight diminution in asset value
Link - Rhymes with Diminish OR Diminish + -ion.... i.e. diminish or reduce in size.

Din - a loud harsh noise, clamor 

Usage - They tried to make themselves heard over the din of the crowd
Link -
DIN (morning) mein you will hear the loud noises of the traffic etc, but at night its very quiet.
Link2 - sounds like tin; when a tin falls from the top shelf, a large sound is heard

Dinghy - a small rowboat 

Link - sounds like Tin ka ghee...a tin ka ghee was being carried in a small boat...

Dingy - dull, dark, soiled, shabby, squalid 

Usage - He took me to his rather dingy office
Link - dingy reminds us about pakistan ex caption ingy(inzamam ul haq)who always remains dull and cheerless on field
Link2 - At night when no one is in the room , then there is no DIN( noise) and also it is dark n dull(dingy)

Dint - force or effort; power 

Usage - People succeed by the dint of hard work
Link - 
In C programming if u write 'd int' instead of 'int d' which is a small error, u'll hav 2 make much EFFORTs 2 find d error.
Link2 - Last night when i was driving my car, a guy on the bike dashed and caused a DENT in the side of my car. With the DINT of my power i tried to set the dent straight...

Diorama -
life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history
Link - Diorama of Lord RAMA in the temple was just awesome..  

Dirge - A funeral hymn or lament; a musical composition in the memory of a dead man 

Usage - The mournful dirge, 'Erin's Lament'.
Link - dirge sounds like purge(push out/clear); the dirge at his friend's funeral purged out his emotions

Disabuse - to free from a falsehood or misconception, inform 

Usage - I  must disabuse you of your feelings of grandeur.
Link - I disabused him that I didn't abused him....
Link2 - story: like a girl fall in love with a rascal, and her father comes to know. what he will do is abuse the boy and disabuse the girl about the boy.

Disaffect - the feeling of being alienated from other people, isolated

Usage - Evidence of people's disaffection with their leaders
Link - Dis(not) + affect(ion); When there is affection there is loyalty, when there is no affection there is no loyalty(Disaffection)

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