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CAT 2010 Experience

I gave CAT on 27th october at Rithala center. D ppr ws very easy. Evry DI set has maximum 2 questions but dey r easy. Dere r 3 RC pasages of whch 1 z vry easy nd 2 r above average. D grammar part z vry easy. I attempted 57 questions overall. I thnk around 50-53 questions shuld b attmptd 2 fr prcntyl above 98. I think cut off wl b... around 115 as per my test to get call from every IIM(don't know about the rest). Individual cut off wuld b qa-40. di-35. va-32

Disavowal - denial or rejection of any connection with or knowledge of 
Usage - A public disavowal of his beliefs
Link - Remember the word Avow, an oath taken, or publicly claim something, disavow means to deny openly, bluntly

Disband - dissolve, cause to break up , dissipate , disperse, scatter 

Usage - All the armed groups will be disbanded
Link -
Band as a verb means bind together, hence dis + band => disperse, dissolve...
Link2 - Recently there have been many bandhs in the city, so when ever a bandh is announce people in the malls immediately disappear or scatter or spread .
Discombobulated - cause to confuse  
Usage - The question discombobulated even the teacher
Link -
If you remember bob(of a pendulum and think of the movement of swinging to and fro) bobulate - make something swing to and fro, here and there - to get someone confused....
Link2 - Dis + COMBO ; combo means a mixture; If you don't prepare the COMBO in correct proportions it gets discombobulated(confusing)

Discomfit - frustrate, to make uneasy or perplexed, disconcert , embarrass 

Usage - He realized that his remarks had succeeded in discomfiting her.
Link - Sounds like discomfortable; if you are wearing something discomfortable then it ll discomfit you...example a boy wearing a mini skirt...haha you will be so screwed.. :)

Disconcert - confuse
Usage - The manager was disconcerted due to the negligence of his team members.
Link - When you are getting ready to perform at a concert, you are tensed and confused as to how your show will fair with the audience.

Discourse - serious speech
Usage - The speaker discoursed about the social politics in 18th century England
Link - sounds like discuss and hence it means to formally discuss a subject i.e. seriously....

Disgorge - surrender something (stolen); eject 
Usage - The ground had opened to disgorge a boiling stream of molten lava.
Link -
gorge(george) tried to eject it into her mouth, but she vomited,so he had to quickly surrender something....please take it cool...
Link2 - Dis + gorge. Gorge basically means a ‘narrow deep valley’, almost bottom less. Now imagine your food pipe to be a deep bottomless pit that can be stuffed with unlimited food. Your body, however, cannot take all of it and hence will disgorge the excess.

Disgruntle – feeling or expressing discontent or anger. 
Usage - The employees were disgruntled by their bad working conditions
Link - something which makes people grunt or complainsomething which makes people grunt or complain
Link2 - Concentrate on GRUNT. Maria sharapova is called the ‘grunting queen’. The reason being, she always shouts (expressing displeasure or anger) while playing tennis.

Dishevelled – untidy, to throw into disorder or disarray, unkempt
Link - sounds like dis+sheve(shave)+.. a person who doesnt shave is UNTIDY
Link – Dis (order) + shelved (shelf). When u are angry, u break your shelf and throw all its contents, thus making it look disorderly, unkempt and untidy.

Disinter – To dig up or remove, exhume, to expose or bring to light (hidden facts, secrets).

Link – Dis (not) + enter. To enter into something (for example mud) means to hide or to take cover, disinter is the opposite, i.e. to uncover or expose or bring to light by digging.

Disport – To entertain (oneself) in a frolic manner, to indulge (oneself) in pleasure, amuse
Usage - The play amused the ladies
Link – Dis (not) + (sup)port. When nobody supports us, we disport ourselves in order to stay cheerful and motivated.

Disquietude – a feeling or state of anxiety or uneasiness. 

Usage -  He always remain in a disquietude attitude.
Link – Dis (not) + quiet + attitude. So if Quiet -> cool -> calm -> no tension. If disquiet -> tension -> sweating -> feeling uneasy or anxious.

Disquisition – a formal written or oral explanation of a subject, discourse, lecture. 

Usage - There was a disquisition carried out by the interviewers before GD.
Link – Concentrate on QUIZ. A quiz master before starting the quiz will lecture on the rules and regulations.
Link2 - its like dis +quisition(means question)......when someone questions u.......u need to give explanations...EX:-enquiry...

Dissemble -
disguise, hide the real nature of, pretend 
Usage - He feigned that he was ill
Link – sounds like "resemble"...the person/ a thing of tat type can be in disguise...

Dissertation - a written thesis,
formal essay
Link –sounds like dessertation. My research work is based entirely on yummy desserts, so I will write a dissertation on desserts.
Link2 - imagine u r asked 2 write an essay on 'A dessert Station'..

Dissident - disagreeing, as in opinion or belief, one who disagrees. 

Link – Sid was a dissident in ‘Wake up sid’, when it came to obeying his dad
Link2 - sounds like dis+sident......this word sounds very similar to resident....think you are a resident of particular place and if some one suggest you to leave that place....will you do certainly will disagree..
Distend - to expand, swell, inflate, to magnify in importance. 

Usage - The distended bellies of the starving cows
Link – Rhymes with extend, which means to expand or enlarge. So distend -> extend.
Link2 - try to relate it with dis means distance and extend means to expand.

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