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CAT 2010 Experience

I gave CAT on 27th october at Rithala center. D ppr ws very easy. Evry DI set has maximum 2 questions but dey r easy. Dere r 3 RC pasages of whch 1 z vry easy nd 2 r above average. D grammar part z vry easy. I attempted 57 questions overall. I thnk around 50-53 questions shuld b attmptd 2 fr prcntyl above 98. I think cut off wl b... around 115 as per my test to get call from every IIM(don't know about the rest). Individual cut off wuld b qa-40. di-35. va-32

Distrait - absentminded, distracted 
Usage - He always behaves in a distrait manner.
Link - sounds like straight...someone who is not straight is distrait and looks for similar sex.....

Divulge - reveal, to proclaim publicly, disclose. 
Usage - He was charged with divulging state secrets.
Link – sounds like di + vulg(ar). The media are always on the lookout for vulgar facts about celebrities and divulge them without any hesitation.
Link2 - A girl asks u what is that bulge ( rhymes with vulge) in your pant ,then u reveal or show it....

Doddering - shaky, feeble, or infirm, weak, decrepit especially from old age.
Usage - His mother was doddering and frailing.
Link – Read as Dadaring. Stress on dada, so budhe (old in Hindi) dadaji was a doddering old man.

Doff - To take off or remove, tip or remove (one's hat) in salutation.
Usage - He doffed his hat
Link - DO + OFF or take off, remove.
Link2 – Doff -> hats off -> take off or remove one’s hat in salutation.

Dogged -
determined, stubborn, stubbornly persevering
Usage - Jones was the most vocal and dogged of all her critics.
Link – a dogs tail is always curved and can never be made straight thus it is dogged

Doggerel - comic verse, usually irregular in measure, bad piece of poetry.
Usage - He had heard some silly doggerel that kept running through his mind
Link – look for the dog word here.....and now try to imagine about the song......WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.............ISN'T IT FUNNY.......SO SOMETHING COMICAL......THIS WORD IS ASSOCIATED WITH COMICAL...SO A COMIC ..SONG..COMIC VERSE...

Dogmatic - tending to force one's own opinions on other people.
Usage - He's very dogmatic on this subject.
Link - If you try to read "dogmatic" from back to front, you will get "i am god". the person who think that he is a god is arrogant and stubborn

Dolorous - Marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain.
Usage - She wore a dolorous dress at the funeral.
Link – read as ‘dollarous’. I lost a million dollars in casino royal, malfoy told in a dolorous tone...
Link2 - DOL(SOUNDS LIKE DULL)..and when are you DULL, when you are feeling SORRY for something.

Dolt - stupid person
Usage - His high school results clear show that he is a dolt in mathematics.
Link - dolt rhymes with bolt. Nut-bolt ~ what a nut he is. (stupid person)...a dolt person hs loose nut bolts...

Dote - to show excessive fondness or love 
Usage - Parents who dote on their only child.
Link - I dote on you like every dot on your face...hope u got it.. :)
Link2 - sounds like date; On your first date you act as a doting boyfriend :p
Dour - serious and unfriendly, unkind, stubbornly unyielding, forbidding 
Usage - A dour determination
Link - Dour sounds like Tour; When the girl asked for permission for a college tour, her parents said no with a dour determination.

Douse - wet thoroughly, dip into liquid; put out, as of a candle or a light
Usage - The crew began to douse the fire
Link - Douse sounds like drowsy; when u feel drowsy in the night but u want to study what do u do, u wash your face or dip your face in water.

Dowdy - untidy, lacking stylishness or neatness; shabby 

Usage - a dowdy gray outfit.
Link - Dowdy sister of dawood, hasina parker...
Link2 - Dowdy sounds like dadi(grandmother); Dadi's are generally not stylish
Drab - lacking brightness or colour or dull 
Usage - It was a drab day for him.
Link - sounds like drag; when the same topic is dragged again and again, it becomes boring and dull

Draconian - extremely harsh, very severe 

Usage - a draconian legal code
Link - Draconian sounds like Dracula; One who is captured by Dracula goes through extremely harsh and Very severe punishment.

Dregs - last drops of a liquid left in a container, waste, deposit 

Usage - He drained the dregs from his cup
Link - dregs sounds like drugs..usually people drink the dregs of drugs...i.e. till the last drop of it....

Drivel - a worthless message, babble, nonsense 
Usage - I drivelled about the big race that day
Link -
sounds like trivial... a drivel person always says trivial stuff

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