Monday, June 21, 2010


Opulence -  extreme wealth, luxuriousness, abundance
Usage -  The opulence of the hotel’s sumptuous interior
Link1 -  OPUL remember OPEL and for LANCE remember LANCER car...people those who  have  OPEL and LANCER live in opulence.

Opus - work (esp. musical composition)
Usage -  Emerson, Lake and Palmer have recorded their latest opus .
Link -  OPUS remember an octopus working on a musical instrument like piano in cartoons...
Link2 - sounds like O+plus....salim merchant(famous music composer) used to receive O+ from his music teacher....

Oracular -  wise and prophetic, mysterious and ambiguous
Usage – An oracular political thriller.
Link -  sounds like language is ambigous with lot of confusions..
Link2 - for all matrix fans...In the Matrix...the Oracle(old woman character ) prophesises that Neo is "the one"...

Ordain -  decree or command, predestined, issue an order
Usage -  His future seemed ordained right from the start.
Link1 -  ORD + A + IN = ORDer A person to come IN

Ordeal – a severe or difficult experience, causing great suffering
Usage -  The painful ordeal of identifying the body.
Link1 -  Deal or No Deal....if you have to make a deal whether to sell your house and live on a rented house(coz you are short of money)...his will be a difficult experience...

Orgy - uncontrolled or immoderate indulgence in an activity, wild drunken revelry
Usage - Her orgy of shopping lasted eight hours.
Link1 - guys orgy a lot in girls to experience orgasm with them....

Ossify -  change or harden into bone, become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
Usage - The central ideas of liberalism have ossified.
Link - sounds like ass+sify(famous broadband net)....imagine a guy watching girl's ass on private part will harden.....
Link - Ossify -> rhymes with ‘Only if I’. Only if I can open this latch which has become very hard and stiff due to rusting  !!

Ostensible - apparent, pretended
Usage - His ostensible purpose was charity, his real goal popularity
Link - sounds like tensed..when the guy did it with his friend's mom at his birthday party...he was looking ostensibly tensed....

Ostracize -  to exclude from a group, to banish
Usage -  His friends ostracized him because of his rudeness.
Link -  ostRACISM .. racism leads to groupism and excluding a group from the public is to OSTRACIZE....
Link2 - OSTRICH was ostracized from bird family....

Oust - expel, drive out
Usage - The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds
Link - out you go..... said the teacher to the student when the student grabed the teacher's arm by mistake...

Outlandish - bizzare, peculiar, unconventional 
Usage - His friends scarecely discussed their problems with him, because he often came up with outlandish solutions. 
Link - out+landish => the one who is from some other land. Means unconventional and bizarre to our land....
Link2 - make it somethin like out land(i.e. island) .... the Tribes of the out land (island) were outlandish(bizarre)..

Overweening -  presumptuously arrogant, overbearing
Usage -  had a witty but overweening manner about him.
Link1 -  a person who wins over and over again, can become very arrogant.

Overwrought -  excessively nervous or excited, overdone.
Usage - When I am feeling overwrought , I try to take some time out to relax.
Link1 -  sounds like over hot....when you go to a interview and the interviewer is a very hot lady with two buttons will get nervous and excessively excited....

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