Monday, June 28, 2010


Codicil - later addition to a will
Usage - The codicil came as a great relief to the disappointed heirs.
Link - sounds like KOTHI + SEAL...Imagine a person getting an aalishaan KOTHI through a will...but unfortunately due to some codicil..his kothi is sealed....

Coeval - living at the same time as, existing during the same period of time
Usage - He is my coeval.
Link - sounds similar to co-evolve meaning EVOLVED OR BORN AT THE SAME TIME....twins co-evolve at same time...they both are each other's coeval...

Cogent - convincing
Usage - He presented a cogent argument.
Link -  cogent - gent - a gentle person is always the right person to convince others....
Link2 - A company's agent always give cogent explanation of the product...

Cognizance - having knowledge of something
Usage - The chapter seemed beyond her cognizance.
Link - cognizant is a company in Gurgaon....only "knowledgeable" students get placed in "cognizant" during placements!..

Cohabit - live together
Usage - The two were cohabiting since a year. 
Link - co - together, habit resembles habitat ie, a living cohabit, is living together..

Coiffure - hairstyle
Usage - She arrived in an interesting coiffure.
Link - coiffure - in this word, if you can see, fure, read it as fur..which is the hair of animals. If you check the oi letters in the word, take it as oil and oil is used for hairstyling..!!

Collate - examine and compare in order to verify authenticity, arrange in order 
Usage - They used a software to collate the information. 
Link - sounds lile col(college)+ late...when her daughter came late from the college, he started collating the information from her...
Link2 - corelate = for corelating, we first arrange it in order and then make critical comparisons...

Collateral - security given for loan
Usage - They put up their home as collateral. 
Link - When you give a loan to someone and he doesnot return the money what will you do??? You'll call him repeatedly but he will say "CALL LATER". To avoid this scene, you will take some kind of security such as property, jewellery......

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