Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Cabal - small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interest
Usage - The minister's cabal was foiled by the opposition.
Link - Cabal of bald people planning to pull others baal(hair).
Link2 - cabal (Kabul), remember this place....Bin Laden and his men secretly united in kabul(cabal) to promote their interest, i.e "jihad"...

Cache - hiding place
Usage - Increasing the cache influences the performative speed of the system.
Link - Police seized huge cash and large cache of weapons...
Link2 -  sounds like cash.. So, hide your cash somewhere...

Cadaver - corpse, dead body 
Usage -  The cadaver is medically examined in case of unnatural death.
Link - Rotten cadaver of devar(brother-in-law)  lying near canal....

Cajole - persuade by praise or false promise
Usage - To cajole the beautiful girl in veil to show up her face.
Link - Kajol promised to kiss me if I pay her 2 rupees...but i had only 1 rupee..so she said come later..but when i went later she refused..and even took my 1 rupee... She cajoled me....

Callow - still young and unexperienced
Usage - Ravi makes callous statements about his step mother.
Link 1- Callow like a cow.
Link 2- C+allow : an immature girl can not allow to doit with her...
Link 3- Callow = Cal + low; caliber is low.

Calumny - false statement, slander
Usage -  He was often a target of obloquy.
Link - Calumny printed in newspaper column...
Link2 - calumny, sounds like kalmuhi, which is a harsh remark given by a saas to her bahu. So its a kind of slander...

Camaraderie - feeling of friendship and trust among people
Usage -  Keeping up the spirit of camaraderie is the most important factor in team work.
Link - When I had camaraderie with her, I used to share her camera and kamara(room).

Canard - false rumour, report 
Usage - It was proved beyond doubt that the allegation against the leader was nothing but a canard.
Link 1 - Karnard died is a canard, because he caught me having sex with her daughter...
Link 2 - Remember Kannad movies...their fighting is so unreal..false... so remember canard as being a false portrayal.

Canker - dangerous influence that spreads
Usage - Once addicted, it is very difficult to get rid of the canker of drug intake.
Link - Canker relates to CANCER which acts as a kankar(stone) in way of life and spreads very fast in the body....

Cant - insincere statement
Usage - The cant between the two planes was very narrow.
Link - The term 'cunt' is a cant statement.

Cantata - short musical work
Usage - Buddhist cantatas are very soothing to listen to.
Link - Sardarji presented cantata on his truck TATA...

Capitulate - surrender
Usage - The army capitulated fearing total wipe out.
Link - My friend said to me, "My capital(money) tu le le(you take) and please loose this match to impress his girlfriend"....he capitulated in between our cricket match....as he was about to loose...

Caprice - sudden change of mind without any real cause
Usage - Many empires have fallen due to the actions that the kings or emperors take, without thinking, succumbing to caprice.
Link - Cap's price are capricing day by day...
Link2 - ca(kya)+price...u say to shopkeeper "abey yeh kya u go on changing price."...