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Bravado - a false show of bravery, a pretense of courage
Usage -  He’s full of bravado, but really he’s coward.
Link - sounds .like bra + faado(tear)...a guy always use to praise himself that he tear the bra of girls when he goes to a date...but later it was proved false by a he was just a bravado..
Link2 -   Bravado -> Brav + avoid + o. So a coward will always avoid being brave and instead only pretend to  be so.

Brawn -  physical strength and power, strong well developed muscles.Usage - He’s got plenty of brains and brawn.
Link1 - Brawn->b(RAW)n. For all the wrestling fans, WWF RAW (star sports) is a very popular wrestling competition which is a true test of brawn..
Link2 - sounds like Ron...Ron eats brownies he has a lot of brawny muscles...

Brazen - shameless and boldness, unusually loud and harsh, to face and overcome boldly and shamelessly.Usage - The witness brazened out the prosecutors question.
Link1 - bra + zen; the girl going in the zen car was wearing only a bra(that was really bold)

Brevity -  state of being brief, concise, and terse.Usage -  The letters were edited for brevity and clarity.
Link1 -  brevity sounds like levity which means lightness..when something is light it means it is short and concise..

Brindle - having grey or brown  marks, spots or streaks
Usage - The cat's brindled fur made it look dirty. 
Link - Rin dala and brindles cat ko brown kar diya......

Bristling -  to stand stiffly, to stand erect like bristles, to suddenly become annoyed. Usage -  The author bristled at the suggestion of plagiarism.
Link1 - remember toothbrush bristles (they are stiff n stand erect)

Brocade -  thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern.Usage - The worthy tailor endeavored to recapture his piece of brocade.
Link1 -  I was breaking gold wire to add to a brocade suit which was being made fir Shahrukh Khan.....

Broach -  introduce as a subject, open upUsage -  We broached our plans for the new year.
Link1 -  when you APPROACH a girl for the first time you need to broach yourself....
Link2 - BROACH sounds like Brochure. So a Brochure is always is used to INTRODUCE or we can remember it as Brochure is to OPEN.

Brook -  tolerate, endureUsage -  We will brook no further argument\
Link1 -  In the class, if you don’t bring your Book , teacher will not BROOK it.
Link2 - relate this to BROOK BOND tea....jst drink the tea and then u can tolerate any tension. :-)

Browbeat -  intimidate, bully

Usage -  Politicians browbeat the voters.
Link1 -  bro + beat; When our elder bro(brother) starts beating us, we get intimidated...

Brunt - main impact or shock (of an attack or blow)
Usage - The Maltese had to bear the brunt of the attack. 
Link - Brunt: It sounds like burnt. The area of the land which was hit the meteoroid was badly BRUNT due to main impact/shock created by the collision....
Link2 - In a hunt....poor animals bear the brunt(in the form of blow of the gun)....
Brusque -  blunt, abrupt, curt, short,marked by rude or peremptory shortness.Usage -  The doctors are brusque and busy.
Link1 -  "Brush kyun nahi kiya.."...the dentist said to the child in a brusque tone...

Buccaneer -   pirate
Usage -  The villainous buccaneer with the peg-leg and the parrot
Link1 -  pirate of carribeans--- buccaneer of carribeans; buccaneer = pirate.
Link2 - sounds like Bikaner....some pirates captured the famous bikaner shop in the Bikaner city...they demanded sexiest gals of the city to do serve them namkeen and dance in front of them.... :P
Link3 - Buccaneers looted the Bikaner wala....

Bucolic -  rustic, pastoral, connected with the country side or country life

Usage -  The bucolic surroundings of the city.
Link1 -   bucolic sounds like bullock which is used in the "country side".....
Link2 - Bulls and cow were grazing in a bucolic painting....

Buffoon - stupid person, clown
Usage - The buffoon succeeded in entertaining the guests. 
Link - a buffoon called the cops and was yelling on the phone..."khoon khoon"...actually there was no khoon...

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