Friday, June 25, 2010


Cauterize - burn, sear using chemical or heat
Usage - Twenty years of military service in the war front, totally cauterized him.
Link 1- With hot cutter, doctor cauterize the cut.
Link 2- sounds like cotton..which used when your skin burns or gets wounded. 
Caulk - waterproof filter and sealant used in building and repair to make water tight
Usage -  A caulk was applied at the leaking bottle.
Link - Caulk sounds like cork..caulk tube to fill crack holes of a ship.

Cavil - find fault unnecessarily
Usage - Prasad tried to repeatedly cavil the proposal by raising silly oppositions.
Link -  'cavil' transformed as 'vakil', who used to put "objections" on each point of the opposition.
Link2-  sounds like evil.. evil people always find unnecessary faults in the good.
Link3- rhymes with KAABIL(potent in hindi), u dont make OBJECTIONS to what KAABIL people say.

Celerity - speed, rapidly
Usage - IT was with incredible celerity that the winner’s race car went through the pavilion.
Link - Celebrity like Ranbir kapoor, Hrithik Roshan dance with celerity.
Link2 - Relate to: Accelerate = Ac (celerity) = which means speed up something or doing something rapidly.

Celibate - not married and are virgin
Usage - In most of the congregations, priesthood can be chosen only by unmarried or celibate men.
Link - sounds like saali(sister in law)...My saali maintained her celibacy till I met her.
Link2 - Celibate=celina+abate which means abating sex with Celina Jaitley (a popular bollywood actress) as you want to remain your celibacy...
Link3 - Celebrities are not at all celibate because they have to get work in place of that.

Censure - blame, criticize
Usage - The engineer censured the workers for their lack of punctuality.
Link -   sounds like censor board...which always criticizes every inch of the film and also disapproves of some of the parts.
Chafe - warm by rubbing, annoy
Usage - This leash chafes the dog's neck
Link - the word resembles cafe- cafe is a place where u can see lovers rubbing each others hands, to make things warm and
Link2 - sounds like is always hot..and if its in a china cup it gets hotter by rubbing... 

Chagrin - annoyance and disappointment
Usage - To the chagrin of many of the members of the political party, the leader was arrested for bribery. 
Link - I was in a meeting and to my chagrin, CHAI GIR gayi on my pant making it very embarrassing for me...
Chalice - goblet, consecrated cup 
Usage - The priest distributed the wine from the chalice to the people present at the mass. 
Link - it is pronounced as chaalis (40); imagine ali baba 40 chor having drinks in a chalice ..
Link2 - CHALICE can be pronounced as CHAI PLEASE... so he gets you CHAI in a CONSECRATED CUP...
Chaperon - old person who supervises young unmarried woman
Usage - The bride and her chaperon were late for the ceremony as they were struck in heavy traffic. 
Link - Chaperon sounds CHAP-WRONG and wrong chaps tease young women..hence need older men to supervise...
Link2 - Ron naam ka budha(old person) chape ho gya bandi ke....saala chipku....milne nahi deta hume usse...
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