Thursday, June 3, 2010


Babble - chatter idly or foolishly
Usage - The two women babbled and crooned at the baby
Link - babble ~ ba bb bl; just imagine a baby saying Ba ba ba ba .. (making meaningless sounds)

Bacchanalian - drunken
Usage - They were a bacchanal crowd.
Link -


Badger - to annoy or pester persistently, to bother, hassle, harass, frustrate.
Usage - He badgered the authorities until they gave him a new passport.
Link - badger ~ beggar; Imagine some annoying beggar woman !!
Link2 - Divide it like bad+ ger (gen, generation): gen means people. Today's bad generation can really annoy their parents.
Link3 - Badger = Bad + ger(ms). Germs are always considered bad because they cause allergic reactions such as itching etc, which is very annoying and frustrating, some times harassing as well, especially if they have been troubling u for a long time.

Badinage - teasing conversation, joking talk
Usage - She does not encourage her students indulging in casual badinage
Link - Bad-in-age. Youth is the age we may get involved in doing bad things. One of those bad things is teasing someone (frivolous banter) during conversation or pulling someone’s leg.
Link2 - He had a bad image in college because of his badinage.

Bait - to harass, a lure, trap, to entice by trickery or strategy, to tease or insult.
Usage - Before he went fishing, he dug up some worms for bait.
Link1 - Bait -> Tait, (Australian bowler , shaun tait). The length that tait bowls to batsmen is very teasing (enticing, alluring) and most of the batsmen fall for this trap and end up being caught behind. If by any chance a boundary is hit, tail replies with a bouncer that is insulting!!
Link2 - sounds like WAIT- a boy ALLUREs or give a "temptation" to his girlfriend by saying that he wud wait for her forever...

Baleful - appearing threatening, dangerous, frightening, deadly or harmful.
Usage - She gave him a baleful look that scared him.
Link1 - Baleful ~ bail+ful; when any dangerous convict gets out of jail taking bail, he could be threatening..
Link2 - when we pronounce this word this word sounds simillar to word painful........and anything painful is always a result of an evil act...

Balk – stop short as if faced with an obstacleto refuse abruptly, avoid deliberately, refuse to comply, shy away, flinch and quail.
Usage – Even biology graduates may balk at animal experiments.
Link1 - balk sounds like a dog's bark; if you see a dog barking, you refuse to go ahead. hence, dog acts as obstacle (hindrance) in your walk.

Ballast - heavy substance used to add stability or weight
Usage - The risk of advertising the ship as able to sail without ballast is not great, since the statement does not imply a warranty of her arriving anywhere.
Link1 - Divide it like--Bal(Balance)+Last(last long), adding weight to bring balance to something(as in weighing balance) or to make it stable that last long.

Balmy – something that relieves pain, oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
Usage – A balmy breeze.
Link1 – Balmy...Think of Zhandu Balm! Sardi, sar dard ko pal mein door kare. So it gives you a soothing, relaxed also has a very strong smell...

Banal - hackneyed, commonplace, lacking originality
Usage - The article she came up with had no matter to it- just banal stuff.
Link - Divide it like -- ban + al(ban all people); you ban all those people from your group, if they are repeating the same activity again and again.

Bandy – discuss lightly or glibly.
Usage - They bandied around the difficult topics.
Link1 - bandy sounds like brandy--When people drink brandy, they exchange heated words in a light and glib way..

Bane - curse
Usage - India is trying to get rid of the bane of poverty
Link - ban+e -- Things which are harmful or poisonous (can make your life misery) are always banned by government.

Baneful - destructive, causing ruin or death, deadly or sinister.
Usage - The florida eagles has a fierceful baneful look.
Link1 – Baneful --Bane; Bane is a curse, when you have a fight with some one, you start cursing him and it could lead to the death of tht person(courtesy , your baneful remarks).

Bantering - good-humored, playful conversation.
Usage - Bantered with her colleagues during a coffee break.
Link1 - Bantering -- Banta ring(Singh);Banta singh and santa singh are known for their jokes(playful conversation :) )

Barb - a cutting remark; sharp projection from fishhook or other object.
Usage - If you were a politician, which would you prefer, being caught on the barb of a fish hook or being subjected to malicious verbal barbs?
Link1 - Barb—Barber; a barber uses scissors to CUT hair, so barb can be taken as a cutting remark.
Link2 - Barb sounds like Crab; crabs have legs which are sharp..
Link3 - Imagine a 'barb-e-que' being prepared with the help of a needle-like-stick..

Bard – poet
Usage - The ancient bard Homer sang of the fall of Troy.
Link - bard sounds like bird--imagine a poet writing a poem on bird...
Link2 - Everybody is a poet inside a bar..after drinking everyone tries to become a shayar...
Link3 - Bard sounds like Beard, A poet is a person who is in his own world and forgets daily activities like shaving an hence has beard.

Barefaced - shamelessly bold
Link - She is ready to bare her body in a barefaced manner...

Baroque - highly ornate or decorated style
Usage - Baroque pearls.
Link1 - Baroque—Bar + opaque, A Bar is generally ornated with a opaque glass.