Friday, June 18, 2010


Oaf -  stupid or awkward person
Usage -  The stupid oaf is knocking things over.
Link1 - sounds like uff..and when you see a ugly awkward say..uff ufff..uff kyo mil gaya ye!!...

Obdurate -  stubborn, refusing to change one's belief, not easily moved by feelings or supplication
Usage -  An obdurate miser.
Link1 -  OB+DURA(RELATE IT TO WORD DURABILITY)..SO anything which has durability..has the resisting power, and something which can resist, is stubborn.
Link2 - OB+DU+RATE realate it as AB(OB) RATE DoUble ho gaya,and the seller was very STUBBORN about that...

Obeisance  -  bow, an attitude of deference or homage
Usage -  Everyone paid obeisance to the emperor
Link - sounds like Obey + Saints.... when we obey saints we show them respect...
Link2 -  remember OBEY-STANCE (position) - the position of Obeying is BOWING!..

Obfuscate -  confuse, muddle, cause confusion;make needlessly complex.
Usage -  They are deliberately obfuscating the issue.
Link - split and imagine it like AB Fas GAYE..... imagine a group of people who went to jungle in a bus were left behind... so they said: AB Fas Gaye and were obfuscated as to what to do next....
Link2 -  Obfuscate, Cobfuscate, Mobfuscate – what the F U ss?? The spelling is so confusing , so is the meaning.

Obituary - death notice(esp in a newspaper)
Usage - People thronged to his funeral after seeing the obituary in the paper. 
Link - sounds like...ob(AB)+to+worry....when u see a death notice u worry!!!! 
Link2 - sounds like Wo Bichari... you saw death notice(Obituary) of a young girl in newspaper and said: Wo bichari itni choti umar main chal basi........

Oblique - indirect, slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line)
Usage - He gave oblique answers to direct questions
Link -  sounds like ob(abe)+lique(leak)....a guy always used to wet his bed at night...his friend said to him, " abe tera to abhi tak leak hota hai"...he said this indirectly...

Obliterate -  destroy completely
Usage -  Raj drank to obliterate whatever went on between him and his girlfriend.
Link1 -  obLITerate,so when you have LIT somethin means u have set it to fire,hence it gets DESTROYED COMPLETELY...
Link2 - out govt. started a new campaign... lets ' all-be-literate ' and detroy illiteracy completely...

Oblivion -  total forgetfulness, condition of being completely forgotten
Usage -  The criminal's name was consigned to oblivion.
Link1 -  ob + LIVE(live in the present); To be happy one should LIVE in the present and be oblivion to all the things of past..
Link2 - Oblivion= OB+ BLI + VION ="absolute blind vision" of forgetting important things/matters...

Obloquy -  slander, speak against, defamatory statements against a person, disgrace brought about by abuse.
Usage -  He was often a target of obloquy.
Link - Imagine that : AB(abhishek bachchan) ko LOCK karke KEY kho di, isliye AB was SPEAKIN AGAINST him..
Link2 -  Ob(against) + loquy(is to talk), so obloquy is to talk against some one, i.e slander or use abusive language

Obsequious -  showing too great a willingness to serve or obey, fawning, slavishly attentive
Usage -  He bowed in a obsequious manner.
Link1 - ob + SEQUI + ous .. sequi means sequence where one thing "follows" the other.. and servants follow what their masters say.. 

Obstreperous -  noisy or rough, aggressively boisterous, uncontrollable.
Usage -  He was an awkward and obstreperous customer.
Link1 -   (Obstreperous = Ob + strippers). Strippers are not easily controllable, they are extremely aggressive and are very hard to control unless they are paid enough once they get naked...

Obtrude -  to impose(oneself or one’s ideas) on others without invitation, to thrust out, to push on others in an unwelcome way.
Usage -  He always obtrudes his religious beliefs on others on a way that is pushy and unkind .
Link1 -  Obtrude = Obt + Rude. It is 'Rude' to impose something such as opinions on other people.

Obtuse -  not sharp, blunt, lacking quickness or intellect or perception.
Usage - Too obtuse to grasp the implications of his behavior.
Link1 -  imagine a pencil tip...the more obtuse the angle between the two edges of the tip...the more blunt the tip is..

Obviate -  to do away with, get rid of, eliminate, prevent the occurrence of or prevent from happening.
Usage -  This treatment would obviate the need for a surgical operation.
Link1 -  obviate - viate - deviate, deviate yourself from something unnecessary to you

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