Saturday, January 9, 2010


Adept - good at doing something that is quite difficult
Usage - He was adept at swimming
Link1 - Adept is close to adapt so an adept batsman like sachin adapt himself quickly on any kind of pitch.
Link2 - A + dept : dept ~ department; our chemical engineering department consist of expert professors in every topic.

Adjunct - a thing that is added or to be attached to something larger or more important
Usage - The potatoes were added to the salad as an adjunct.
Link1 - Remember "junk" as soon as u hear adjunct. Junk is something waste...which is added...therefore adjunct.
Link2 - sounds like junc - junction...which means to join something.

Adjuration - to ask somebody or to order somebody to do something
Usage - His public adjuration for help fell on deaf ears.
Link - a + jury + the other day i was in a court room. Funny thing is i had to pee. So i adjured the jury if i could go for urination.

Adjutant - staff officer assisting the commander; assistant
Link1 - ad + ju(zoo) + tent...I adjured my adjutant to go to the zoo and fix the tent.
Link2 - ad + juta(shoe) aditional pair of juta.. shoes.. so adjutant.. an assistance...

Admonish - to strongly warn somebody, rebuke, scold
Usage - The teacher admonished the child for his bad behavior.
Link1 - to avoid A DEMON-ish act, a mother Warns her naughty child.
Link2 - admonish ~ ADD MANISH -- Add Manish in the list of guys whom we will WARN to stay away from your sister.

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