Thursday, January 14, 2010


Agility - able to move quickly and easily
Usage - The agility of the animal saved it from being captured.
Link1 - GILI - this is the one to watch out. gili refers to Gilchrist (a cricket player), who has the ability to move quick behind stumps.
Link2 - Agility consider it as "Age I L" i.e.; Age I Love (youth age). And in this age you are naturally agile or very quick.

Agog - very excited about something, intensely curious

Usage - She was agog with curiosity.
Link - I was agog after getting special rayban goggle from an unknown sexy girl.

Alacrity - cheerful readiness, promptness or willingness
Usage - Ram took the responsibility of being a monitor of a class with alacrity.
Link - I took a lac(lakh) rupee per day job with alacrity.

Alcove - recess, nook, a small recess opening off a larger room
Usage - We used to have our lunch at a table in an alcove in our kitchen.
Link -  alcove sounds like asshole...i think rest i clear.

Alias - an assumed name esp by criminals to mislead people.
Usage - Mr.Smith lives under the alias of Mr.Lafayette.
Link1 - Ali+as(ass)..Ali(a criminal) live under alias of other name to save his ass from policemen.
Link2 - Ali + As : so you are changing your name Ali to Asif...why?
Link3 - In computer language there is a command alias through which you can change name of any variable.

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