Thursday, January 7, 2010


Adage - wise saying, proverb
Link1 - add+age = when a person is adding in age (increase in age, old people) .. old people generally use lots of adage in their conversation.
Link2 - the word DAG ... a provoking proverb of hindu muslim was like a dag for the secular country like INDIA.

Adamant - determined not to change your mind,hard,inflexible
Usage - he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind
Link1 - Adam and eve were adamant to come on earth and produce a lot of humans as possible.
Link2 - a + diamond : diamond is a very hard substance and hence we can't break it easily. Similarly, adamant person is one whom we can't persuade easily.
Link3 - u get a word adam gilchrist.. or dam.. both are very strong and inflexible.

Addendum - addition, something that is added, appendix to book
Usage - Addendum was added at the end of the book.
Link1 - add+end+um...anything added in the end of the book.
Link2 - sounds like append(computer command) which means adding words at the end of something.

Addiction - compulsive habitual need
Usage - Her addiction to chocolates gave her a lot of pimples.
Link1 - When you start rubbing your dick you become addicted to it.
Link2 - diction sounds like fiction.reading fiction stories became a compulsory habit to me to read until i will complete the book.

Addle - to confuse, to become rotten
Usage - The little child addled my brain.
Link1 - sounds like idle.. when u sit idle u get addle.. u get confused yaar kya karu main??
Link2 - ADDLE ~ sounds like riddle which is usually confusing and hence we get confused.
Likn3 - My chef added addle eggs in my dal.

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