Sunday, January 10, 2010


Adroit - skillful and clever, adept
Usage - He is an adroit writer in writing the ads.
Link1 -  adroit ~ a + draw it : sounds like draw...for drawing something you must be skillful.
Link2 - Adroit politicians in spreading the riots.

Adulation - admiration and praising more than neccessary, flattery
Usage - He was not affected by praise or adulation.
Link - Adulation from DU students after spraying Deo and Lotion.

Adventitious - accidental, casual, not planned
Link1 - dAD WENT (vent) to office but came back BY CHANCE and caught me doing it with my girlfriend.
Link2 - sounds like adventurous.. when u go for adventure then something happens accidental..or by chance.
Link3 - Adventitious planning for adventure trip.

Adverse - going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
Usage - The adverse currents led to a storm.
Link1 - adverse = ad + verse (versus) versus means compilation/fight between two Opponents so, it is something which shows OPPOSITION.
Link2 - verse sounds like versa car - versa car is not favourable to buy.

Advert - to refer to something
Usage - He did not approve of the advert made by his team.
Link1 - advertisement.. it sounds like that.. so ads refer to a product.
Link2 - Advert sounds like Adword and Google adword used for advertisement.