Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Acquiesce - to accept without arguing
Usage - We should never acquiesce to unrealistic and unnecessary demands.
Link1 - a+kiss : My girlfriend acquiesced when I tried to kiss her on her lips.
Link2 - A quiet person always agree passively watever u ask to do or tell him.

Acrid - pungent smell
Usage - The acrid smell of burning rubber.
Link1 - remove "r" from acrid, so now it becomes acid and acid is always bitter in taste and when smelt its pungent too.
Link2 - The child cried because of acrid taste/smell.

Acrimonious - angry and full of strong bitter feelings and words
Usage - The minor disagreement resulted in an acrimonious dispute.
Link1 - acri + moni + ous ~ a crore money; excess of money, which can make someone bitter, harsh
Link2 - Acrimony between them..coz both crying for money.

Actuary/Actuarial - person whose job involves calculating insurance risks.
Usage - The actuarial findings were an eye-opener.
Link - actuarial sounds like factorial which implies doing calculation.

Actuate - motivate
Usage - The similar nature of the homicide actuated the police to seek help from the CIA.
Link1 - actuate.. sounds like activate..we need motivation (or some incentives) to activate our thinkings.

Link2 - sounds like accurate and when you presented ACCURATE sales figure to the BOARD,they motivated (gave incentives to) you for your honest wok.

Acumen - mental sharpness, sharpness of judgment.
Usage - The curtains were arranged to fall in an acumen.
Link - acumen sounds like IQ-men.. men with high IQ have ability to judge quickly.

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