Sunday, January 24, 2010


Aggravate - make worse
Usage - Pollution can aggravate asthma.
Link - being very AGGREssive results in AGGRAVATION i.e. worsens the situation.
Link2 - Gira(fell) weight sar(head) par...this aggravated the problem. 

Amenable - easy to control, obedient

Usage -  She is someone who is always amenable to persuasion.
Link1 -  a MEN ABLE - ABLE MEN are obedient,compliant,readily managed,etc.
Link2 - Amen is a word used in Islam and Christinity. meaning of which is i agree. So amenable means something able to be agreed.

Amiable - friendly, lovable

Usage - John is an amiable person.
Link1 - My friend Amy is very amiable as she allows me to touch anywhere.
Link2 - amiable ~ am I able; I am able to make friends because of my amiable nature.
Link3 - amiable tone of ammi(mother) forced me to marry her.

Amicable - peaceful, politely
Usage - The two countries shared an amicable relationship.
Link1 -  I use to kiss and do it with my girlfriend Amy, on a table amicably. So we never caught by her parents.

Amiss - something faulty, wrong
Usage - I sensed something amiss when my mobile was missing.
Link1 - a+miss.. miss.. when you miss to do something..important... that is your fault.. as you have missed something.
Link2 - amiss : i thought she was a miss, but it was amiss because she was a boy.

Link3 - Ek bar mein kisi miss ke sath amiss hua.

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