Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Allure - attract, entice, tempting

Usage - She was a woman with great allure.
Link - A pornstar came to me and said," ALL IS YOURS"...she was alluring me.

Alms - money or goods contributed to others
Usage - It is a good habit to give alms to the poor and needy.
Link - beggars put their p+alms in front of u for alms.

Ally - friend or associate
Usage - He allied himself with the Communists.
Link - Ally speaking a lie that he didn't hit on my wife.

Aloof - not friendly or interested in other people
Usage - He always remain aloof from his friend group.
Link1 - aloof~ a roof; Alone on roof top !!
Link2 - aloof:aloo(potato)+f..u like aloo so mom keeps it "apart" for u..it is "reserved" for u.

Altercation - noisy quarrel
Usage - The two men had an altercation in the middle of the road.
Link1 - Altercation with tailor because of wrong altercation.
Link2 - A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this : Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature).