Friday, January 15, 2010


Alfresco - in an open air
Usage - We have arranged an alfresco lunch.
Link - All fresh after alfresco party.

Alienate - to make less friendly, separate
Usage - The boring work alienated his employees.
Link1 - Alien in the movie "koi mil gya" was alienated by Hrithik's mother.
Link2 - A line beech mein when alienated.

Alimony - money, payments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
Usage - The court ordered him to pay alimony of Rs. 5000 a month to his wife and son.
Link1 - Ali(name of the person) + mony(money), Imagine, Ali giving money to his ex- wife every month.
Link2 - Ali+mony mony==All I need is Money and not my husband.

Allay - calm, pacify esp a feeling
Usage - The cold water allayed his thirst.
Link1 - aa le...kuch kha le..this allyed his hunger.
Link2 - when we try to pacify a kid we say...allay allay allay rote nhi chup ho jaao..
Link3 - ALL- LAY- lay down and calm down your sexual desire.

Allege - state without proof
Link - Al(ali) + leg...Ali was accused of opening a girl's leg and doing it...i think you got what i am trying to say..:)

Allegiance - loyalty to your ruler/political party
Usage - We owe allegiance to our country.
Link1 - sound like, when will you rely on anyone, simply if he is loyal to u.
Link2 - ALLE+JEANS.. if you buy a LEE jeans u put on for all time, binding with u...

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