Saturday, July 31, 2010


Reverberate - echo repeatedly; resound
Usage - Sound is reverberated well in this auditorium
Link - sounds like re+vibrate(echo)...i.e. again and again

Reverie - day dreaming
Usage - A sharp pinch on her hand shook her out of her reverie
Link - sounds like river..if you think of sitting with a girl and doing it on a river bank you are daydreaming. 

Revile - attack with abusive language
Usage -  The Nazi propaganda reviled the Jews
Link - sounds like evil evil person always use to revile everyone...

Revoke - cancel, retract
Usage - He revoked the ban on smoking
Link - sounds like re+poke...When someone tries to POKE you again and again you withdraw your hand...

Revulsion - sudden strong feeling of disgust
Usage - The idea of eating meat of a cat, dog or rat arouse revulsion.
Link - sounds like repulsion...when you see you enemy, a sudden feeling of revulsion arises...and repulsion occurs...

Rhapsodize - speak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner
Usage -  He rhapsodized about his new project for an hour
Link - when a lecture asks to explain about a rape scene he can explain or write in exaggeration and with enthusiasm...
Link2 - relate it to RAP song.. like rhapsodize while talking about him....

Rhetoric - art of using language effectively and persuasively to influence people
Link - sounds like right oral skills...If you have the right oral skills, you can communicate well. 

Ribald - marked by vulgar lewd humor
Usage - The aristocrat enjoyed the bawdy songs. 
Link - sounds like bald guy in rodies...raghu...who generally uses ribal,profane,wanton language to redicule the roadies..

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