Thursday, July 15, 2010


Rabid - like a fanatic, furious, extremely zealous, or infected by rabies
Usage - A rabid football fan.
Link -  Rabid sounds like rabies; a person suffering from rabies gets frequent attacks and behaves like a fanatic.
Link2 - sounds like rabbit...rabbit is extremely zealous about carrots

Raconteur - storyteller
Usage - He spoke 14 languages and was a noted raconteur
Link -sounds like rekha aunty+tear...when rekha aunty told us her story about her when she felt in love....we got tears in our eyes....

Raffle - lottery
Usage - We raffled off a trip to the Bahamas
Link - u get to meet RAFFLE (raefel)nadal if u win the lottery.. ;)

Ragamuffin - person wearing tattered clothes, dirty child in torn clothes
Usage - Two ragamuffins with a torch.
Link1 - Raj was RAgged on the first day of college because he was wearing Tattered clothes...he had to eat muffin through his ass....

Rail - scold, rant, complain bitterly
Usage - I'd cursed him and railed at him
Link - When Raj's mother got to know that he was walking on the RAILway line, his mother started railing at him.

Raiment - clothing
Usage - The duchess was dressed in traditional raiment
Link - Raiment sounds like RAymond; RAYMOND is a CLOTHING brand

Rakish - stylish; sporty
Usage - A hat set at a rakish angle
Link - Rakish -- rakesh roshan; rakesh roshan's son hrithik roshan is very stylish

Ramble - wander aimlessly(physically or mentally)
Usage - An hours ramble through the woods
Link -  ramble sounds like gamble; his girlfriend wanted a car, so to satisfy her he started gambling but instead of gaining he lost the money he had, then he started RAMBLING.
Link2 - Ram + amble -- Ram(rambo) ambled (wandered) aimlessly in the jungle....

Ramification - branching out, subdivision
Usage - The ramification of a courts decision
Link - Bhagwan Ram and his brothers were subdivided, i.e., two were sent to the jungle and while the other two stayed in the kingdom. So, ramification means subdivision.
Link2 -  Ramification -- classification; When you classify something you divide it into groups.

Rampant – growing without restraint, uncontrolled, excessive, growing or developing unchecked.
Usage – A rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard.
Link - sounds like ram+pant...when Ram saw a beautiful lady in a bikini...his pant started growing from center....i hope you got it...
Link – Ever since arjun rampal agreed to walk the ramp, there has been a rampant rise in the number of
sponsors for the fashion show!

Ramshackle – (of a building or vehicle) poorly constructed, badly constructed or maintained, shaky.
Usage – A ramshackle cabin in the woods.
Link – Ram could easily break the shackles (hathkadi) because they were made of fragile(weak) material, so they were poorly manufactured.

Rancid – having an unpleasant or disagreeable odor or taste; nasty, bad, unpleasant.
Usage – The odor of rancid milk.
Link -  ran+acid(acid)...presence of acid(secreted by bacteria during the process of fermentation) in curd makes the curd bitter in taste and bad in smell
Link2 – Rancid = Ran(bir)+ Sid. In the movie wake up sid, ranbir was very untidy and unkempt, so he was

Rancor – long-lasting hatred; bitterness
Usage – The animal had rancor for its irritating toy.
Link - RANCOR : RANKER ! Most of the students always hate the top RANKER of the class, as they always defeat them in the exams!
Link2 – Rancor -> Ran + Chor. So when the chor (thief) ran away with my belongings, I had a feeling of
rancor against him. Saala chor kaheenka…

Rankle – to cause persistent irritation or resentment, to fester.
Usage – His failure to win still rankles him.
Link - R+ANKLE...focus..on a JOINT between..foot and leg...and PAIN IN your ankle could be very annoying and irritating for you.
Link2 – R+Unkle(uncle) -> when Rohit repeatedly and deliberately called me uncle, I got rankled!!

Rapacious – excessively greedy and grasping, ravenous, eager to seize as much as possible.
Usage – He had a rapacious appetite for birds nest soup.
Link - 'Rapacious' means who likes to 'Rape' that means very greedy on woman body! & also take forcefully
Link2 – Read it as Grapacious. He was very fond of grapes and so had a rapacious appetite for GRAPES.

Rant – to speak or write in an angry or violent manner, to utter or express with violence.
Usage – A dictator who ranted his vitriol onto a captive audience
Link - Rent maangate waqt makaan maalik hamesha RANT mein hi rehta hai ...
Link2 – Rant = F(rant)ic. So when your life becomes frantic (fast and busy), u get frustrated and rant your
frustration on your servant!! 
Link3 - r-"Ant". When an ant bites, you rant.....

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