Friday, July 16, 2010


Rapport - close relationship
Usage - She can quickly establish a good rapport with the children she works with.
Link - rapport- its like airport, at airport you leave close-ones thus, EMOTIONAL CLOSENESS, HARMONY,friendly feeling there...

Rapt - engrossed, absorbed, enchanted 
Usage - He might have been watching star wars, for all the rapt attention he gave the scene. 
Link - I always read rape news with rapt attention.

Raspy - make a harsh noise, have an unpleasant effect, rub with something rough
Usage - He rubs his chin with the back of his hand, feeling the rasp of his white bristles.
Link -  if you don't grasp, teacher will rasp at you.....
Link2 - Ras(In Hindi) means juice, Py(pii=Drink). So, when u drink cold juice it makes ur throat sore and makes ur voice harsh...

Ratify - approve formally, confirm
Usage - they have yet to ratify the treaty
Link - ratify sounds like satisfy, only when you are satisfied you give your approval(confirmation).
Link2 - if you rectify the error in the report it might get ratified(approved) by the professor...

Ratiocination - reasoning, process of thinking and arguing in a logical way
Link -  we will take the RATIO of your CIN(sins) and then reason what to do with you
Link2 - have to SOLVE question based ON RATIO AND VARIATION WITH THE help of reasoning and logic....

Raucous - harsh and shrill; disorderly and boisterous
Usage - The raucous cries of the sea birds irritated me.
Link - sounds like rock+us..... rock music is usually loud and harsh.
Link2 - sounds like rakshas...they laugh in unpleasant way...

Ravage - plunder, to badly damage something, a destructive action, devastate
Usage - the soldiers had ravaged the vilage
Link - When he didn't got his wage(pay) from the office, he ravaged the office....
Rave - talk or write about something in a very enthusiastic way
Usage - The movie has drawn rave reviews from the critics.
Link - if you replace "V" with "P" talk about it with raveness....
Link2 - there is a very popular game called DAVE....small kids rave about it..

Ravel - fall apart into tangles, complicate
Usage - In the last nine months I have had to ravel 9,750 miles to see my children regularly.
Link - Paresh rawal unraveled the mystery of his affair with another woman...

Ravenous - extremely hungry
Usage - They were tired and ravenous for food and sleep
Link - ravenous--RAAvan; Raavan has 10 heads(mouths), so he is always hungry.
Link2 - Sounds like "revenues". Everyone is extremely hungry about it :)

Raze - destroy completely
Usage - Dozens of villages have been razed.
Link - raze sounds like gaze; If you are trying to concentrate on studies and some beautiful girl is gazing at you, your concentration is disturbed(destroyed).
Link2 - sounds similar to erase.raze=erase...which means to remove or clean completely.

Rebuff – a blunt or abrupt refusal to an offer, to reject or repel.
Usage – He wanted sex with Julie but she rebuffed him.
Link – sounds like Re(quest) + buff(et). The handsome man requested the lady for a buffet dinner and to his
surprise, she rebuffed him.

Rebus – a representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols often represented as puzzle.
Usage – A rebus can be a method of helping involve young children in the act of reading.
Link – In a nursery, children are given pictures of a bus or a ball and asked to identify it. So take rebus to
be a puzzle involving pictures.
Link2 - He always used to solve rebus while traveling in a bus...

Rebuttal - refutation, response with contrary evidence 
Usage - This effort requires the vigorous rebuttal of the arguments of CTBT skeptics in the Senate. 
Link -  sounds like re(redo)+butt+al(anal)....the guy said to the gal after doing it, "lets redo it again...but this time anal i.e. in your butt"..but the girl said you will not be able to do it that way....the guy rebuttaled proving her wrong....

Recalcitrant – not obeying or complying with commands, stubborn
Usage – A recalcitrant child of an unhappy mother.
Link - sounds like re+calci(calculator)+rent...the recalcirant student used calci in his exams again and again..he used to bring the calculator on rent...
Link2 - re+calcit(looks like calcite) we know calcite is a hard mineral found in calcium carbonate which forms the major part of rocks, chalk and marble, is hard to break and likewise a recalcitrant person is also stubborn....

Recant – disclaim, to reject or disavow a formerly held belief, disclaim
Usage – A man who refused after torture to recant his heresy.
Link – Recant = Re(peat) + can’t. If someone asks you to perform a deed that is against your
principles, then you will say to yourself repeatedly “I CANT and I WONT do it” and reject it!!

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