Thursday, July 8, 2010


Contumacious - stubbornly resistant, willfully, not submissive to authority
Usage - A contumaceous witness is subject to punishment
Link – Contumacious-> Cant + u + make (mac)+ spacious. Mac’s mother always scolded him
by saying “Cant you make your room look a little spacious by cleaning it” and the contumacious
mac would always reply “NO”...
Link2 - sounds like con(kaun)+tu+ma(maa ki).....the guy said rudely,"kaun tu....teri maa ki ***"....

Contusion - an injury in which the skin is not broken, a bruise, swelling
Usage - He had lacerations and contusions all over his arm and shoulder.
Link - Concentrate on tuition. I was getting late for my tuitions, so I started running and in a hurry slipped and fell down. As a result I had contusions all over my hands and legs.

Conundrum - a riddle, puzzle question or a problem, paradoxical, brain-teaser
Usage - These businessmen are not conversant with basic scientific principles.
Link - sounds like co+nun+drum....getting a nun drunk with rum is very difficult...
Link2 - sounds like condom...even after using a condom if a girl gets pregnant....then it will be a difficult riddle to solve...

Conversant - familiar, as by study or experience, informed, acquainted with, well versed in
Usage - These businessmen are not conversant with basic scientific principles.
Link - Through conversations you can gain more knowledge and thus become conversant.

Convene - to come together for an official or public purpose, to bring together, gather, assemble
Usage - He convened a meaning of all managers.
Link - Convene-> come + evening. The meeting was going beyond the office timings, so the manager asked the team to come in the evening at his residence and complete the meeting.

Convivial - jovial, sociable or festive, lively, cheerful, jolly, fun-loving
Usage - Enjoy simple but satisfying food in the bistro’s convivial atmosphere.

Link - somewhat close to carnival which also implies festivity.
Link2 - Convivial. Concentrate on viva. VIVA is a lively, fun-loving and cheerful music band (often seen on channel V) and one which loves partying and socializing.

Convolute - rolled or coiled together, to form into a twisted shape
Usage - Whn he was 17, he died of congenital heart disease.
Link - Convolute-> sounds similar to revolut(ion). So to convolute means, to revolve or roll into curls or coils or twist into coils .

Coquette - A woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures; a flirt
Usage - Priyanka Chopra played the role of a coquette in the movie Aitraaz.
Link - sounds like "COCK DE"...just decipher....a coquette always tries to grab the attention of all cocks around.

Cordon - a chain of police, soldiers stationed around an area to prevent access or entry.
Usage - Troops cordoned off the riot zone.
Link - sounds like Co(A)r + DON ...DON KO pakadna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hain Kyunki uske paas CORDON of MEN hain.

Cornice - a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a casting window
Usage - Upon the cornice of the tower a staff was fixed.
Link - corn(cone) + ice ..visualize a cone with a huge topping of ice-cream....the ice cream acts as a cornice to the cone...

Cornucopia - the property of being extremely abundant, profusion 
Usage - A cornucopia of employment oppurtunities.
Link - India is one of the highest producers of corn(maize); that is India has copius(plentiful) of corn or cornucopia of corn.

Corporeal -  relating to the characteristic of a body, bodily,tangible
Usage - Descarates held that there are two kinds of substances in the world, mental and corporeal
Link - sounds like Corpse + Real; A corpse(body) is real so it can be tangible.

Corrugated - wrinkled, to shape into folds or parallel and alternating ridges and grooves
Usage - Sheets of corrugated iron
Link - Corrugated = Co + Rugged .. Rugged = not smooth or wrinkled...

Coterie - an exclusive group of people with a common purpose.
Usage - The songs he recorded were written by a small coterie of dedicated writers.
Link - sounds like kothari(hindi word for a closed dark room)...the gal and the guy went to the kothari to do it...they both had the same purpose... :P

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