Sunday, July 11, 2010


Craven - cowardly, fearful, weak, scared.
Usage - The craven attackers pounced on the boy and stabbed him before fleeing.
Link - Craven-> C(see) + Ravan. If someone sees ravan in reality, then he/she will become craven!!

Crescendo - a gradual increase(esp in the volume or intensity of sound), a steady increase in intensity
Usage - The cheers reached a crescendo.
Link - divide it like cresc(sound like krish) the end of krish movie..when hrithik kills the villian..the intensity or the volume of music increses .which conveys the feeling.
Link2 - Crescendo ->Ascendo. So something that is ascending means it is gradually increasing/rising.

Crestfallen -  dejected, dispirited, brought low in spirit
Usage - The unsuccessful voyage left us crestfallen. 
Link - chest + fallen.. disappointed, sad.. you lose all hope.

Crevice - a narrow crack or opening, a fissure, a cleft.
Usage - Plants grew in the crevices.
Link - sounds like is an opening to vagina...i hope you got it now...
Link - Crevice = crew + ice...the entire crew fell into the deep crevice on an iceberg during the shooting of Titanic movie....

Cringe - shrink back as if in fear 
Usage - He cringed at the thought of slaughtering the calf.
Link - sounds like SYRINGE...the child CRINGEd at the sight of the doctor holding a syringe.

Crotchety - eccentric, perverse, bad-tempered, grumpy, fractious, having an irritable and contrary disposition.
Usage - A crotchety old man.
Link - Crotchety = rot(ten) + chet(ne) if some one serves you chat with rotten(bad smelling
and disgusting) chutney, then you will become crotchety and abuse the person...
Link2 - crotchety = crow + chaddi -- crow wearing chaddi is unusual or bizarre

Crone - ugly old woman, hag
Usage - The crone pestered her every day on her way back from school. 
Link - sounds similar to ugly woman can never be crowned, Miss World.
Link2 - sounds lie c(children)+rone(crying)...children rone lage after seeing a crone....

Culinary - relating to or used in the kitchen or in cookery.
Usage - Culinary herbs.
Link - sounds like Kal(tomorrow) + nari(women)..It is important for a nari to have good culinary
skills, be it aaj ki nari ya kal ki nari...
Link2 - cullinary almost rhymes with CURRY, which is again related to cooking..

Culmination - to reach the highest point or degree; climax, to come to completion; end.
Usage -Years of waiting culminated in a tearful reunion.
Link - Cul + mi(my) + nation. If not aaj (today), kal (tomorrow) my nation will reach the culmination of its development.
Link2 - sounds like termination which means the ending position (of play)or the climax (of attaining something)....

Culvert - gutter, a sewer or drain under a road, a drain or covered channel for pumping out effluents
Usage - The bomb was hidden in a culvert under a road.
Link - Culvert rhymes with avert (to avoid)...while walking, we all try to avert from falling into a culvert.

Cupidity - extreme greed for material wealth
Usage - The well known cupidity and greed of politicians.
Link - sounds like Stupidity...if a father has a lot of wealth and his son acts likes a cupid without any greed for wealth and just searching for love by discarding all the wealth then, definitely his cupidity is zero...

Curator - manager (in charge of a museum or a library), superintendent
Usage - The members of the board of trustees of the museum expected the new curator to plan the events.
Link - sounds like Care Taker. Some one who takes care of a collection.
Link2 - A curator first Rates the Collection(as in articles in museum or library) and then if there is any fault CURES them.

Curmudgeon - churlish, an ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions
Usage - A terrible old curmudgeon
Link - sounds like Cur-mud-geon Car mud main gone... when the Audi car went into the mud then driver went bad tempered... i.e. curmudgeon

Cursory - casual, hastily done without bothering about the minute details.
Usage - A cursory glance at the headlines.
Link - relate it to the cursor on your computer screen..the mouse is used to move the cursor hastily without going into minor details.

Cynosure - something that strongly attracts attention and admiration; something that provides guidance.
Usage - As soon as the movie star announced entered the room , she became the cynosure of all eyes.
Link - Cynosure sounds like Exposure; In movies, Heroines EXPOSE to become the CYNOSURE of all eyes.