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Recapitulate - summarize briefly; repeat an earlier theme of a composition
Usage - Let us recapitulate the important points
Link - sounds like recap....Before every new episode, there is a 5 minute recap, which summarizes what happened in the previous episode.

Refulgent - shining radiantly or resplendent
Usage - A refulgent sunrise.
Link - Refulgent sounds like detergent, detergent is used to shine the clothes.

Recidivism - habitual return into crime(even after being punished).
Usage - Due to Recession, the rate of recidivism is on the increase.
Link - re (back to) + CID (central investigation department)..Even after caught and punished by CID team, the thief kept on doing crimes...
Link2 - Re + CID + DIVesm; In the movie Jannat, though Emraan Hashmi' girlfriend persuades him and gets him out of the crime world, he DIVES back into the crime world and CID gets hold of him.

Recluse - a person who withdraws from world to live in seclusion and solitude.
Usage - His widow became a virtual recluse for the remainder of her life.
Link - Re + close; RAj got up at 12 noon and came out of his room, knowing this his father scolded him so he went back and closed himself in the room again .
Reconcile - to settle or resolve, make friendly again (after quarrel)
Usage - It is possible to reconcile these apparently opposing views.
Link - Re + concile(counsel); Any issue can be solved by proper COUNSELing.
Recondite - abstruse, obscure, difficult to understand
Usage - Her poems are recondite in subject matter.
Link - sounds like re+conduct....the professor re coducted(repeated) the topic as the students could not understand properly.
Reconnaisance - survey of enemy by soldiers.
Usage - An exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission
Link - sounds like recognize+nice+sons...reconnaissance means recognizing an enemy while surveying your. territory....Recognition of conman-(thief) by nice sons(of the country)--soldiers.

Recourse - act of turning to someone for assistance, to help someone if he is in trouble
Usage - His only recourse was the police.
Link - re+COURS we follow a medicine course which HELPS fight the TROUBLE, caused by the developing disease.
Link2 – Recourse = Re(vision) + course. While doing revision for exams, when you forget an answer, you turn to your course books to recheck the answer. So your only recourse during revision is your course book.
Recrimination - mutual accusations, a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person, the act of imputing blame or guilt
Usage - The war sweeps up everything in hatred and recrimination.
Link – sounds like re-crimina-tion: crimina relates to a crime. recrimination means: one accusing the other for a crime. The other "re" accused him of another crime.
Link2 - re CREAM pie..yu throw a pie on someones face and they throw yu back another CREAM pie again as a countercharge...we see this lot in movies..!!..This process is called reCREAMination
Rectitude - moral or religious correctness, the quality or condition of being correct in judgment, the quality of being straight, correctness, righteousness.
Usage - Has the rectitude of this principle ever been formally contested?
Link - Rectitude = Cor(rect) + atti(tude). So a person who is morally/religiously correct or has the correct attitude towards life can be said to have rectitude.
Recumbent - lying down; especially in a position of comfort or rest, resting, idle
Usage - He stared down at his sister’s recumbent form.
Link - Recumbent = Re(lax) + cumb(al) + ent. So when you are relaxing in bed under a cumbal (blanket), you are in recumbent form.
Link2 - sounds like re+cum+bent...he was about to cum on a bent girl...both were in relaxed positions after doing it...
Recuperate - to recover, to return to health or strength, regain a former condition after a loss
Usage - I went away to the country to recuperate.
Link - Recuperate-> Rec(over) + operat(ion). An injured person recovers fully after an operation, so he recuperates.
Redolent - having or emitting fragrance, aromatic, odorous
Usage -The air redolent of cinnamon and apple.
Link - sounds like re - odolent--> concentrate on odolent , which sounds like ODONIL, we use odonil in bathrooms for fragrance..
Reek - to smoke steam or fume, to be pervaded by something unpleasant, to emit or exude smoke, a strong offensive odor
Usage - He smelt the reek of whisky.
Link – Reek sounds like leak. So when gas leaks, the surrounding area are filled with the unpleasant odor of the gas, in other words the surroundings reek gas.
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