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Conflagration - a large destructive fire, a very intense and uncontrolled fire, a wild fire.
Usage - All the stock was destroyed in the warehouse conflagration.
Link - if you check the word flag in the above word, watching our flag fly high fills our hearts with extra josh and ignites a fire within us when we salute it...
Link2 - Conflagration = Confl + aag (fire) + ration. So there was aag in the ration shop, but the oil
stocked in the ration shop turned the fire into a conflagration!!

Confluence - A gathering, flowing or meeting together at one juncture or point, a gathering of people
Usage - The 160 meter falls mark the confluence of the rivers.
Link - sounds like influence ..a leader bring people together by means of his influence...he can influence them to do in a terrorist gang run by their leader....
Link - Confluence = conf(erence) + fluence. A conference for people fluent in English was called at Taj hotel, so there was a confluence of fluent people at taj.

Confound - confuse, puzzle
Usage - For many years medical scientists were confounded by these seemingly contradictory facts.
Link - sounds like CONfusion FOUND == CONFOUND...

Congenial - having the same tastes, habits, suitable to one’s needs or nature, agreeable.
Usage - The food at the party was excellent, and the company congenial.
Link1 - Congenial -> comes from genial or Geni (genie). A genie will always listen to his master, do what his master orders and above all is very friendly, hence congenial.

Conjecture - surmise, guess
Usage - The commentators made various conjectures about the outcome of the FIFA world cup finals.
Link - sounds like 'lecture' ..assume you guess an answer for a question asked during a will become the favourite student of the teacher....

Conjugal - pertaining to marriage
Usage - They lived a life of conjugal bliss.
Link -  in Indian music we have JUGALbandi, which is harmony of 2 different intruments...can imply marriage frm it...

Connivance - cooperate secretly in an illegal action, agreement on a secret plot, tacit approval of someone's wrong doing.
Usage - The crime had been carried out with police connivance.
Link - Connivance -- cunning; The boys were so cunning that they secretly agreed and made plot to fool the girls and they did it in connivance(secret ageement.)

Connoisseur - a person with expert knowledge or training (esp. in fine arts), a well informed person with a discriminative taste
Usage - A connoisseur of fine arts.
Link - sounds like kaun inse sure nahi to expert hai. He is connoisseur. He is EXPERT.
Link2 - Coin + Sure; A numismatist(coin collector) will know the history of coins and he can surely tell which coin is from which country.

Connubial - relating to marriage or the married state; conjugal
Usage - They lived a life of connubial bliss.
Link - sounds like a villager saying kaunhoo biah(who will marry in english)...imagine a villager saying in his language...kaunhoo biah krega meri bitiya se....

Consanguity - kinship; relationship by birth
Usage - Consanguinity thrived in the organization.
Link -  sanguine means blood... so blood relation is consanguinity
Link2 - con + sang(sang ya saath mein rahna) + uinity. When you live saath-saath (together), you have kinship or a relation by birth....

Conscientious - thorough and careful, scrupulous
Usage - a conscientious decision to speak against injustice.
Link - focus on scientious part of this word...and relate it to scientist..they are careful while conducting new experiments...

Consecrate - to declare or set apart as sacred, to make venerable or hallow
Usage - A tradition consecrated by time.
Link -  Consecrate = Con + Secrate (sounds like SACRED).SACRED is "holy". It refers to holiness when one dedicates his life to "god"....

Consign - To give over to the care of another; entrust; to commit irrevocably
Usage - He consigned the papers to the flames.
Link - Consign sounds like Assign; When you assign someone a task you entrust them with the responsibility of that task...
Link2 - Consign -- con + sign -- imagine that you have to sign a document and send it to a person in your company for an official purpose...

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