Friday, March 12, 2010


Approbation - approval
Usage - The martyr’s bravery received the President’s approbation.
Link1 - A girl gives approbation after her periods.
Link2- approbation ~ approb (approval) + at + ion (Ion technologies company); job approval in some company.
Link3 - Approbation after probation period. 

Appropriate - to take something without permission
Link - Its not appropriate to appropriate somebody's money.

Apropos - with reference to
Usage - The invitation to the Governor’s Ball asked us to wear clothes that were apropos to the formal occasion.
Link1 - apropos sounds like "Propose" This issue is faced by many teenage boys/girls :) When is the right time to propose to a Girl/Boy you love? Hence apropos is an opportune moment or right moment/time. 
Link2 - split it like a+propos.sounds like..propose...and you propose a plan in your office related to or concerning to" how to increse sales of product.

Aquiline - curved, aquiline nose
Usage - The children were amused by the magician’s aquiline nose.
Link1 - Aquiline-> A-Q-Line, now when we write the letter Q, its not a straight line, but a curved line.
Link2 - Her aquiline nose was interrupting when i was kissing her.

Arable - fit for growing crops
Usage - The farmer and his family moved along the countryside looking for a tract of arable land.
Link - associate the word with ARAB.The desert is totally unfit for agriculture.hence,you remember ARABLE as it's exact opposite.

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