Sunday, March 21, 2010


Arroyo - small or narrow channel usually formed by a stream or by rain
Usage - The group of boys held a paper boat race in the arroyo.
Link1 - Ro Ro ke he formed an arroyo.
Link2 - it sounds like arre+ oye= my mom used to shout arre .. oye.. when we used to play in channel formed by rain water.

Arsenal - storage place for military equipment
Usage - The army chief visited the arsenal to inspect the latest weaponry.
Link1 - SENA(HINDI) ke use mai aane waala saaman.
Link2 - you know ARSENAL.... the famous football club..... the players shoot goals like a bullet from a gun ... like ammunition storage.

Articulate - to express or explain your feelings or thoughts clearly in words
Usage - His report articulates the need for a new school building.
Link - Arti+kyun+late......Aarti raat ko late kyun aati hain???..she has to give an explanation to this...

Artifice - dishonest, deception, trickery
Usage - His alibi was an artifice that succeeded in misleading the investigators. 
Link1 - Art+fees....Artist like Hussain take huge Fees of their art and deceive the people...
Link2 - The artificial jewellery is designed with artifice.
Link3 - Aarti took the fees initially and later on artificed me by refusing to do it with me.

Artless - simple, natural and honest
Usage - The pop star’s artless manner came as a pleasant surprise.
Link - Artless people don't have an art of cheating people.  

hii guys.....start commenting and referring it to your friends...thanx for your support in recent months...i was able to submit the school fees of 2 poor children and purchased a school bag and related stuff for them...THANKS A LOT AND IT FEELS GREAT AFTER DOING THIS...its all possible because of you people so HATS OFF to you....

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awsum dude....i surely will refer it to my friends..i am really moved...always count me as your supporter...