Monday, March 29, 2010


Atavism - resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents
Usage - The scientist explained that the hind legs on the whale caught offshore was a result of atavism.
Link1 - In spoiling the atta(flour in hindi), he is atavistic to his grandfather.
Link2 - ATAVISM you should remember AVATAR, i.e. you are an avatar(incarnation) of one of your ancestors.

Atone - make amends for, pay for
Usage - The thief entered religious service to atone for his past crimes.
Link1 -  atone ~ at stone; imagine someone throws a stone on (at)someone else and then realizes his mistake. So, he atones. 

Atelier - artist's studio or workshop
Link - Artist ate and lie in their atelier.

Atrocity - brutal deed, cruel and violent act esp on a war
Usage - Hitler was known for his atrocity.
Link1 - Ro rahe(crying) city mein after atrocity in Kashmir.
Link2 - Remember TROY-CITY, if have seen the Hollywood movie Troy, you can remember this easily.In Troy, Greek destroyed everything,killed thousands of unarmed man,children etc.
Link3 - divide it like.atro(sounds like metro)+city ...and we always get the news of brutel and cruel behaviour ..from METRO (ATRO)CITIES...

Atrophy - wasting away or condition of losing muscle and flesh
Usage - His doctor treated him for muscular atrophy.
Link - He could not lift trophy after winning chess championship which reflected his atrophy.

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