Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Apotheosis - an ideal example of something, the act of raising a person to the status of God
Usage - After his predictions came true, he experienced an apotheosis in the village.
Link -  theo- theological, somthing related to god. theology elevates oneself to god hood.

Appall - to dismay, shock
Usage - The scandalous behavior of this married woman appalled her friends.
Link - I was appalled when my pal's wife ordered me to remove my clothes.

Apparition - ghost, phantom
Usage - Hamlet witnessed a ghostly apparition at midnight.
Link1 - She was looking like a pari, but later became an apparition.
Link2 - A + PARI i.e. ghost.

Appease - to pacify
Usage - No amount of gifts sent by Pradeep could appease Sandhya.
Link - His wife was not able to appease his hunger even after doing it 8 times.

Appellation - title or a name
Usage - A baby is subjected to various appellations from his parents.
Link - Master blaster is an apellation for Sachin Tendulkar.

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