Sunday, November 14, 2010


Droll - amusing in a quaint or odd manner, comical, a buffoon. 
Usage - The band have a droll sense of humour.
Link - remember means roll on floor whne something is droll you roll on floor laughing...
Link2 - When you see a comedian like gajodhar bhaiya perform on stage, you can’t help falling off the chair and roll in laughter.

Drone -
talk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee, a loafer, one who does tedious or menial work. 
Usage - A few are dim-witted drones, but most are talented.
Link - For all Harry Potter fans; Ron Wesley was considered a drone as he was always dependent on second hand items.
Link2 - think about the film was a boring piece of watch/talk.

Dross - Waste or impure matter, worthless or trivial matter. 

Usage - discarded the dross after recycling the wood pulp.
Link - sounds like dress. When a dress is no longer fit to be worn, it becomes dross!!

Drudgery – hard monotonous routine work, hard boring work, laborious.
Usage - the drudgery of everyday life.
Link - drudgery work of darzi(tailor).
whose routine work is to stitch the clothes...

Dulcet - pleasing to the ear, melodious, having a soothing, agreeable quality.

Usage - She had a dulcet voice.
Link - -
DIL SE song sounds sweet to the ear.
Link2 - You are dull and feeling low, what will you do? Listen to music which is dulcet!!

Duress - compulsion by use of force or threat, forcible confinement, under pressure.
Usage - Her confession had been made under duress.
Link - sounds like.....imagine we had a crush on a will press her boobs with force...
Link2 -  you + dress; that is u enforce your wife to put on a particular dress.....

Dwindle - shrink
Usage - Her savings dwindled down
Link - if a swindler swindles you then your savings dwindle...

Dyspeptic - irritable as if suffering from indigestion, having an unpleasant mood.
Link - Peptic ulcers in the stomach are a result of indigestion and the resulting pain makes us feel dyspeptic...and they occur if we drink a lot of pepsi with empty stomach.....

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