Monday, September 13, 2010


Perdition - destruction
Usage - All murderers will be hurled to bottomless perdition.
Link - sounds like partition.. So Relate perdition to Partition of India in 1947 due to which several families were completely ruined...
Link2 - There was a movie named Road to Perdition, if someone has seen it he can very well relate to this word...

Peregrination - a journey esp a long and slow one
Usage - He went about on a pleasant peregrination through the forests of India. 
Link - sounds like a pilgrimage, which means going on a tour...
Link2 - remove 1st 3 letter egrination sounds like migration, which means the same..

Peremptory - expecting to be obeyed immediately and without refusal
Usage - The judge's peremptory decision was announced in the morning.
Link - sounds like pre-empty, i.e something which is already empty, needs to be filled, it obeys each and every demand to get money...
Link2 - peremptory order to empty the house

Perfidious - disloyal
Usage - It is better to have enemies than perfidious friends.
Link - sounds like barfi....perfidious servant ne poisonous barfi dekar malik ko maar dia or paise lekar bhaag gya...
Link2 - per+FID+ious.. FID stands for fidelity.. i.e. loyalty.. hence perfidious is its opposite..

Perfunctory - superficial, done routinely and with little care
Usage - He cast a perfunctory glance over the room before opening it for the guests.
Link - sounds like PARAI(other's)+FACTORY - if you are told to take care of somebody else's factory, you would casually care about it...

Peripatetic - wandering from place to place
Usage - Jones is a confirmed peripatetic. 
Link - sounds like paer(legs) pe tic tic....means wandering on legs. 
Link2 - peri+pat+etic--peri means around, + pat or path means road to walk on, therefore peripatetic means to walk around...

Perjury - crime of speaking lie
Usage - He was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to a month of jail.
Link - speaking lie in front of the jury is perjury

Pernicious - harmful in a gradual manner
Usage - He was completely unaware of the pernicious disease eating him up from inside. 
Link - sounds like per+nicious..nicious when pronounced sounds like noxious.. something harmful..... 

Peroration - final part of a speech, conclusion of an oration
Usage - His peroration started boring them after a while.
Link - sounds like Per+oration--Part after ORATION = PERORATION, that is the concluding section of an oration..

Perpetrate - commit an offense
Usage - He was looking for an opportunity to perpetrate his crime. 
Link - sounds like per+pet+r+ate--eating pet animal is doing wrong...
Link2 - I went to a perpretator and asked per person peetne(to beat) ke rate...thereby indulging in perpetration... 

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