Thursday, September 9, 2010


Paramour – a lover, illicit lover
Usage – The presidents alleged paramour.
Link - every husband says....yeh dil maange more and need a paramour...
Link2 – sounds like pyar + amar. Amar said to his paramour ‘hamara pyar amar rahe...
Paranoia – mental illness when a person thinks that everybody is against him
Usage - The mood is one of paranoia and expectation of war.
Link – sounds like paranoid nahi....he was suffering from paranoia....paranoid nahi tha wo...

Paraphernalia – personal belongings, equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed or a particular operation or sport etc, a large collection of small objects, often the tool for a job or hobby.
Usage – A photographer's paraphernalia.
Link - You remember this word by peripheral,means extra equipments..
Link2 - Paraphernalia = para + phir + nali +a. Param said ‘Phir (again) nali (sewage pipe) got choked!? darn! So he called the plumber, who came along with his paraphernalia.

Parched - extremely dry, very thirsty, to roast, to dehydrate.
Usage – Showers poured down upon the parched earth.
Link - In march mouth becomes very parched...
Link – Parched sound like torched. So if something is torched, it means it is burnt or roasted or dried completely.

Pariah – a social outcast, a person who is rejected (from society or home).
Usage – I was treated like a pariah for the rest of the journey.
Link – sounds like Paa + riya and paraya....Riya’s paa treated her like a pariah..... i.e paraya....

Parochial - narrowly restricted in scope or outlook, narrow minded, only concerned with small issues.
Usage - the stuffy and parochial atmosphere of a small village.
Link – In the movie devdas, paro was parochial (unlike chandramukhi) because she did not make friends with anybody except devdas . Paro could have easily charmed others with her beauty and have fun, but she was restricted in her outlook, hence she was parochial.

Parody - A literary or artistic work for comic effect or ridicule, mimicry of someone's individual manner in a humorous or satirical way, a spoof.
Usage - It was easy to parody his rather pompous manner of speaking.
Link - sounds like parrot...always imitates people often in a humorous way.
Link – sounds like paresh + ody(ssey). Paresh Rawal was part of an odyssey (long eventful journey) and when things started to go completely wrong, the odyssey became a parody

Paroxysm – sudden attack of an emotion that can't be controlled, sudden outburst
Usage - A paroxysm of laughter.
Link – Paroxysm -> Oxysm -> oxygen. If you inhale oxygen and don’t exhale for some time, what happens? The suffocation increases and at one point, u find it uncontrollable and hence what follows is a sudden outburst (paroxysm) of air.
Link2 - sounds like "proxy" when we give proxy in class, we laugh a lot after class if it is successful. But professor may go in a rage if he gets to know about proxy and he may hit and give fit of pain or attack...

Parquet – a wooden flooring in pattern
Usage – Flooring made of parquet.
Link – parquet in a park to lay on back....

Parry – to deflect, evade or avoid, blocking an attack, to dodge or duck.

Usage - My opponent parried every blow I got close enough to attempt.
Link - sounds like pari(angel)...pari ne sari difficulties pare(side) kar di....
Link2 – remember harry. Harry potter was able to parry all the deathly blows received from lord voldemort!!

Partisan – biased person
Usage – He is too partisan to be a referee.
Link – parti(think of a political party)+san(son) a father who is favoring his son's political party, instead of a good party...

Passe – out of fashion, gone by, faded, old fashioned, antique.
Usage – This is a passé rose.
Link – Passe -> passed + away. So a style that has passed away becomes passé.

Pastiche - imitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing
Usage - The world menu may be a pastiche of dishes from many countries.
Link – sounds like Paste + achieve. So pastiche is an art form achieved by using the ‘cut copy and paste’ funda. Yahan wahan se cut karo copy karo aur paste karke nayan bana do.

Pathological – impossible to control
Usage – A pathological liar.
Link - pathological fear after murder in a pathological lab...
Link2 – Pathological -> concentrate on ‘logical’. A pathologically affected person does not exhibit good health in body or mind, and is very illogical, irrational, unreasonable and obsessive almost like a psycho path (remember the joker, in movie ‘the dark knight’).

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