Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Palpable – capable of being touched or felt, tangible, capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
Usage – A palpable tumour.
Link – palpable = pulp + able. I am drinking pulpy orange and I am able to feel the orange pulp in the mouth, so the pulp is palpable!!

Palpitate – tremble, shake or quiver, shiver, to beat with excessive rapidity; throb (heart throb).
Usage - His whole body was palpitating with fear.
Link – palpitate = pulp + i + t(ook) +ate. I secretly took some mango pulp from my neighbor’s fridge and ate it. Later, my body started palpitating with the fear of being caught and punished.

Pall – a covering that darkens or obscures, a depressing or oppressive atmosphere, to have a dulling, boring or gloomy effect. Usage – A pall of smoke hung over the town.
Link – Pall = poison + all. If all people in a community are poisoned, then everyone will fall ill and will become weak, dull and finally will go into depression, so the entire atmosphere will become depressing, boring and dull!!

Pan – a wide and shallow container made, to express a totally negative opinion, to criticize.
Usage – Heat the butter in a large pan.
Link – Pan sounds like pen. I penned my first script and it was panned by aamir khan (pandit at judging scripts).
Link2 - sounds like paan(hindi)..anyone who eats PAAN excessively is subject to HARSH CRITICISM because he will spit everywhere after eating it...

Panacea – a remedy or cure for all diseases or ills, a universal remedy, an elixir.
Usage – Western aid will not be a panacea for the country’s problems.
Link – Panacea = pain + asia. Asia has cures for all the pains/ailments, so if you want panacea, please visit Asia

Panache – a dashing manner, style, distinctive or stylish elegance.
Usage - The orchestra played with great panache.
Link -  it sounds a bit like APACHE.. which is a bike.. a bike is a symbol of FLAIR , FLAMBOYANCE, STYLE..
Link2 - sounds like payal + nach. Payal ka nach(dance) was full of panache

Pandemic – widespread, spread over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of population.
Usage - The virus spread quickly and resulted in a deadly pandemic.
Link - sounds like pan + anda. When u break an anda(egg) and pour its contents into a pan, it spreads over the entire area of the pan, thus affecting its entire area...

Pandemonium - a very noisy place, wild confusion or disorder, a place of uproar and chaos.
Usage - There was pandemonium in the court as the verdict was delivered.
Link – sounds like panda + demon...if you are left in a place where only pandas and demons live, you will be in utter pandemonium!!
Link2 - sounds like harmonium(musical instrument)...a harmonium gone out of array creates noisy disorder...commotion

Pander - to fulfill the low desires of people, to cater to the tastes and desires of others, to give satisfaction.
Usage – The government has pandered to the terrorists for far too long.
Link - to get the tender you need to pander the administrator...
Link – sounds like Bandar (monkey). A trained bandar will do whatever his master tells him to do, in other words, the monkey satisfies his master by catering to his needs and desires.

Panegyric - a formal praise, a public compliment, elaborate praise or laudation, any form of enthusiastic praise.
Usage - It is traditional to deliver a panegyric to the departed.
Link – sounds like Pan + neg(ative) + ric(ky). In a match, if a cricketer is able to shield himself from the pan (criticisms) and negative vibes from Ricky pointing, he will surely receive a panegyric from the coach.

Panoramic – a picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, an extensive unbroken view, a wide or comprehensive survey.
Usage - He looked out over a panorama of hills and valleys.
Link – PanORAMic. Concentrate on ‘O RAM’. When sita was being taken to lanka by ravan, she looked out over a panorama of hills and clouds and shouted ‘O Ram’ come and save me!!

Pantomime –action without words as means of expression, acting without dialogues.
Usage – He studied pantomime in acting school.
Link – PanTOMmine. Concentrate on ‘TOM’, tom & jerry cartoons are full of pantomime, they hardly speak, it’s mostly chasing and hitting each other with a pan

Parable – a short and simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson, a short moral story.
Usage – The parable of the Good Samaritan.
Link - parable of an athlete who won the race with one paer(leg)...
Link2 – sounds like paragraph + able.....a small PARAgraph that makes u able to learn moral story.. (i.e. gives morals)

Paragon – a model of excellence or perfection.
Usage – She was a paragon of neatness and efficiency.
Link – Paragon chappals (slippers) are a paragon of comfort.

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