Sunday, September 5, 2010


Pachyderm - a large, thick skinned mammal such as an elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus.
Usage - The elephant enthusiast was keen on capturing the pachyderm on her camera.
Link - pachyderm = packed + derma (derma meaning skin). So an animal who’s skin is heavily stuffed or packed with fat is a pachyderm.

Paean - song of joy or praise, a joyful praise or exultation, enthusiastic praise.
Usage - The film received a paean from the critics.
Link – sounds like pain) If you take pains and achieve something, then you will hear paeans about you...
Link2 - it is pronounced exactly as P.N. remember it by 'Priase Number'=praise song...

Palatable - acceptable to the taste, sufficiently agreeable in flavor to be eaten, satisfactory the mind or senses.
Usage - Flavourings designed to make the food more palatable.
Link - Palatable = Pal + acceptable. Your pal prepares food and asks you to check the taste.You taste it and say, “pal its acceptable ”, hence palatable

Palate - the upper surface of the mouth that separates the oral and nasal cavities, the opening through which food is taken in, the sense of taste.
Usage - Having a glass of fresh lime soda always seems to refresh my palate.
Link - Having a glass of fresh lime soda always seems to refresh my palate.
Link2 - It’s our palate that tells us, weather the food we eat is palatable or not!!

Palatial - of or suitable for a palace as in spaciousness, grand, luxurious.
Usage - Sir John Crawford's palatial mansion attracts hundreds of tourists every year.
Link - sounds like palashial i.e., like a palace...
Link2 – sounds like palace + special....So those things or objects, which when kept in a palace make it all the more special or add to its grandeur or beauty can be called palatial.
Link3 -  'palat' in hindi means 'turn' we'l be turning again and again to see a magnificient thing!

Palette – a board which an artist holds while painting and on which colours are mixed.
Usage – Her paintings reveal a provocative palette of bright and bold colors.
Link – Palette sounds like plate. So imagine a plate being used by a painter to mix the colours. This plate now becomes a palette.

Pall - become boring, grow tiresome 
Usage - His body lay in the coffin, covered in a black velvet pall. 
Link -  A Song from Lage Raho Munna Bhai "Pall Pall Pall Pall Har pal Har Pal Kaise katega pal" If you are bored then you say "Kaise Katega Pall Har Pall"

Palliate – to make less severe or intense, to mitigate, and to lessen the severity of (pain, disease etc), provide physical relief, to soothe.
Usage – The medicine palliated his pain.
Link- Palliate = palli + ate. Only after he ate palli (ground nut), did his burning desire for pallis palliate.
Link2 - PALL+I+ATE..ease pain.. PALL means become borin.. u got bored of the pain..fed up of u ATE ease the pain..

Pallid – abnormally pale complexion, lacking intensity of colour or brightness, vapid, deficient in color, dim or feeble.
Usage – He looked pallid and sickly.
Link – Pallid = pal + id (identity card). The class monitor called the student and told him, “pal your pic on ID card looks pallid, get a new one immediately”.
Link2 - sounds like peeli...which is yellow...

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