Saturday, August 21, 2010


Indemnify - make secure against damage or loss
Usage - She was indemnified for the loss of her arm in the accident
Link - look for the word-"demn" which can be connected to "demon" what does demon do? it destroys property.. IN(not)+demni+fy= correct what the demon inside you has done..make amends for it...
Link2 - my car fell in a dam...LIC has indemnified to pay the loss

Indenture - type of contract to force a servant  to work for their master or employer 
Usage - That poor guy is an indentured servant
Link - sounds like In-debt-to-Sir (debt to your master) implying you as a slave or an apprentice to your master...

Indict - to officially charge somebody with crime
Usage - The boy indicted his father of abusing him
Link - sounds like dick...if you push your dick in a girl without her permission she will accuse you of rape.. :)

Indigent - poor, destitute
Usage - Rich people should do something to improve the living conditions of the those living in indigent conditions.
Link -  sounds like indian + gents...they are mostly poor ,needy due to demands of their wives...haha
Link2 - sounds like indica+zen...people who have hese cars are indigent...
Indignation - anger at injustice
Usage - She felt a great indignation when she heard about the murder of the young man.
Link - india + nation, where its' very difficult to get justice. So you are angry at an injustice...

Inebriate - make drunk
Usage - She was inebriated to the extent that she fell flat on her face at Notting Hill Carnival. 
Link - sounds like "in beer ate" ~ drink beer and eat food..
Link2 - he has an eb(hindi word for bad habit)...he is often in an inebriate condition...

Ineffable - unutterable
Usage - It is an ineffable name of the Deity
Link - IN+ F(eff) + able--You cannot utter the word F*** everywhere.There are places where it is unutterable.
Link2 - in+ef+ fable. fable means story. story can be told. in-fable means something which can not be uttered such as the name of Lord Voldemort (from Harry Potter)...

Ineluctable - something which you cannot avoid, irresistible
Link - in elections, one has to work under table(illegal trade of money) also...this is an ineluctable part to win elections...
Link2 - ineluctable -- in +luc(k)+table.. So, a person will be lucky or unlucky on the poker table on a particular day as per his luck-table, he can't escape from it, it's unavoidable....

Inexorable - relentless, unyielding, person that cannot be stopped or changed
Usage - He is inexorable in his refusal to change his mind
Link -  in(not)+exhort(means to pressurise):that means a person who is inexorable cant be pressurised;he will not yield and he cannot be changed...

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