Friday, August 20, 2010


Incessant - uninterrupted, unstoppable
Usage - He was caught in the incessant struggle to maintain high standards in his organization.
Link - IN(MEANS not)+cessa(sounds like CEASE (MEANS TO STOP)...something which does not stop , and continues forever, hence UNINTERRUPTED AND UNCEASING.

Inchoate - recently begun, at the beginning of development
Usage - This led to incipient civil disorder
Link - sounds like chote(small)..for example "chote bachche" means not fully grown up or in the initial stage of life.

Incipient - beginning, in an early stage
Usage - This led to an incipient civil disorder
Link - sounds like in+c.p(connaught place)+aunt....incipient cold to aunt in C.P.
Link2 - inci(INITIAL)+pie(nt)(PAYment)...AND INITIAL payment is made in the BEGINGING OF SOMETHING....

Incontinent - lacking self-restrain in sexual activities
Link - on continent or islands there are no bathrooms...and girls walk around in a it becomes very incontinent...

Incredulous - not willing to believe something
Usage - You should always behave incredulously with your enemies
Link - incredulous look at credentials of a beggar...

Incriminate - accuse in a crime
Usage - The neighbors incriminated the man of spousal abuse
Link - incriminate evidence against a criminal...

Incubus - burden
Usage - The incubus of financial worry helped bring on her nervous breakdown 
Link - sounds like wait IN QUE for a BUS is a nightmare..
Link2 - incubus of blue line bus...traveling in a blue line bus is hell...

Inculcate - teach (ideas or principles), instill
Usage - The teachers inculcate values into the young generation
Link - sounds like IN + CULCATE (calculate). IN school, teachers inculcate (teach) the students how to calculate different numbers...

Incumbent - obligatory, person currently holding an office
Usage - It is incumbent on them to pay their own debts
Link - sounds like INCUM + BENT = OFFICIALS are BENT on(determined) to bring an INCUM home, as it is NECESSARY to survive...

Incursion -  temporary invasion, a sudden attack on a place by enemy soldiers
Usage - The incursion of television into the American living room
Link - sounds like curse...incursion of Lord Krishna on me by cursing me....because i made a comment about him and Radha... 

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