Monday, August 23, 2010


Insidious - stealthy, treacherous
Usage - He was completely unaware of the insidious disease eating him up from inside. 
Link - sounds like inside CD...inside a CD there was porn with insidious virus..
Link2 - sounds like in "something inside or hidden " 

Insipid - lacking in flavor, lacking interest, dull 
Usage - The soup was very insipid.
Link - sounds like in(not)+sip+id(it) when you do not sip it, i.e a juice ,then it means the juice lacks flavor...
Link2 - sounds like in+ sipid(spell it as spit..) ,we spit when the FOOD LACKS FLAVOR : or it is TASTELESS...

Insolence - impudence, rude and not showing respect
Usage - She had a lot of insolence in her. 
Link - well insolent sounds a bit like associate the meaning of insult whenever you think of insolent....

Instigate - provoke, incite
Usage - She instigated me to call my relatives
Link - sounds like insti(institution)+gate....I am always motivated whenever I see the Institute gate (relate to instigate) of "MIT".,,

Insular - narrow-minded, isolated person
Usage - The insulation of England was preserved by the English Channel
Link - sounds like insulate....we insulate electrical wires.. by insulating , we are ISOLATING the wires from the environment...

Insuperable - unbeatable, invincible
Usage - He is insuperable
Link - sounds like Ins(inse)+uper(above) +able....inse upar koi nahi salle ye unconquerable hain 
Link2 - the root SUPER reminds us of superman, who is unbeatable

Insurrection - rebellion, uprising
Usage - This led to an insurrection
Link - sounds like suraksha(protection)....suraksha was given to the people during insurrection...

Interdict - prohibit, hinder
Usage - I interdict you to call me late at night
Link - INTER(between) + DICT(speak) = when you speak in between, you PROHIBIT someone else from speaking.
Link2 - he is a virgin so his dick is interdict from sex..
Link3 - Your INtER (inner) DICt (dick) prohibits or forbids you from being nice...

Interloper - intruder, one who interferes 
Link - INTER (between) + LOAFER (idiot) = a loafer tries to INTRUDE in other's affairs...

Internecine - mutually destructive
Usage - The internecine strife between two Kashmir tribes have been going almost from the day it was declared an independent state.
Link - INTER (between) + NE (any) + CINE (sign) = in a relationship, when there is'nt ANY SIGN of love BETWEEN the two, it is MUTUALLY DESTRUCTIVE for the relationship...

Intransigent - refusal of any compromise, stubborness
Link - sounds like in+train+gent....i met some gents in train and requested them to give some space to sit...but they acted intransigently...

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