Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9th list

Wanton - slut,undisciplined,whore
Link - Wanton person want to live each and every woman

Preen - to smooth or clean,spruce
Link - My washer man's wife was passionate about her looks.  She even uses Rin detergent cake to preen herself. So preen means spruce someone.

Brazen - bold,audacious
Link - My friend’s eyes stuck on a girl, who was passing through close to us, wearing just a bra, in her Zen car. How was the attempt? Really bold. That is meaning of brazen.

Slake - to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty; to satisfy your desire.
Link -  When camel, which is going through desert, finds a lake. What will it do? Just drink the water, which takes its thirst away.

Seer - clairvoyant, predictor, fortuneteller, oracle
Link - We people always try to see, what is going to the future. As we believe in luck and destiny so we go to a seer.