Saturday, October 24, 2009

12th list

Indulgent - lenient, yielding
Link - Children will remain dull because of their indulgent parents.

Predilection - preference, partiality
Link - This pre girl has predilection for his dil(heart).   

Prelate - priest of highest level.
Link - Prelate is a priest who never becomes late.

Laity - member of a church(but not of highest level)
Link - Laity late ja sakta hai. 

Swarthy - dark, dusty (of a person's face)
Link - My swarthy(selfish) friend gave me all swarthy(dark) complexion girls and kept himself good girls.

Hey do post your comments after reading the blog. And give me more words so that i can provide you link to remember them. Please let me know if you people are liking the blog or not, also recommend some changes to inprove it.cheers...

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