Thursday, October 22, 2009

11th list

Disavow - refuse to acknowledge publicly 
Link - Split as dis+allow means to refuse

Disburse - pay out (from funds), pay money from funds deposited
Link - I disbursed money from dis(this) purse.

Sybarite - lover of luxury
Link - Sy(cyber)+bar....The owner of cyber cafe and bar is sybarite because he always used to watch porn.

Swill - to drink quiclkly on large quantity
Link - After swilling the glass, I swilled the beer.

Impolitic - not wise
Link - Leaving IIM-A and going in politics is an impolitic decision.


Nick said...

hey nice blog..plz post the link of INDULGENT in your next blog....thnx..

namit mehta said...

hey...nice blog dude..plz post the meaning of "predilection" ...awusome it..nice work..keep it up..