Thursday, October 29, 2009

13th list

Evince - to show clearly
Link - I evinced my naked body to convince Kate Winslet to make love with me.

Evenhanded - impartial
Link - Evenhanded approach to distribute money with even hands.

Evoke - recall, provoke
Link - EVOKE sounds like awake, now, in order to awake someone from sleep you have to call out.

Exacerbate - worsen
Link 1 - Excess weight fell on his sar(head), this exacerbated his problem of nervous disorder.
Link 2 - Mr.Ex(x) hit his old acer laptop with a bat now he worsened the condition of his laptop.
Link 3 - My wife masturbated after making love with me, this exacerbated her headache.

Exalt - to praise sb/sth very much
Link 1 - We exalted an alto wala when he saved a child.
Link 2 - ex(tra) + alt(itude) = rise high = praise.

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