Saturday, October 31, 2009

14 th list

Snivel - complain unnecessarily, sniffing
Link - nive ...sounds like wen u got the cut on your finger due to knife u ran at nose and snivel.

Exasperate - to annoy,irritate
Link 1 - Fingers were not separating, this exasperated me.
Link 2 - x + separate; if you are going to irritate your wife frequently, she may separate from you and will be called as your x-wife.

Excise - to remove something deliberately and completely
Link - Exercise will excise (or cut down) your fat.

Excoriate - to criticize somebody in public,castigate
Link 1 - After seeing all my kori(blank) sheets, my ex-girlfriend excoriated me.
Link 2 - If you excrete on somebody, you will get excoriated.

Excruciate - cause severe pain physically or emotionally
Link - During excruciating pain in his excretory organs, it was crucial to take him to hospital.