Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10th list

Succumb - consent reluctantly
Link 1 - Succumb= sir+comb, when sir asked you that do you have a COMB(which is a bad thing, in school)? you gave your comb reluctantly.

Link 2 - Children are succumb in sucking their thumbs.

Succulent - juicy,palatable,tasty
Link - You suck a fruit only if it is succulent.

Incumbent - person holding an office
Link - Incum+bent...officials are bent on(determined) to bring income home, necessary to survive.

Saunter - to walk in slow and relaxed manner
Link - I got down from SANTRO and started to saunter.

Sultry - very hot and uncomfortable (eg:- sultry summer afternoon)
Link 1 - Sultry(hot) actress, Mallika Shehrawat sauntering in sultry(hot & uncomfortable) weather.
Link 2 - It is in rhyme to sluts. Sluts are usually hot.


anurag gupta said...

gr8 work...it really helps..keep on updating it..thnx..

prerna sehgal said...

hey nice blog man...plz post the link of "impolitic" in your next blog...