Thursday, February 25, 2010


Aphasia - loss of speech due to injury or illness
Usage - The neurologist informed the parents that their son suffered from aphasia. 
Link - a + phasia ~ a + face (sounds like); Imagine as if you suffering from some injury on face and hence can't speak to anyone.

Aphorism - short phrase that say something true or wise
Usage - “Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see” is a famous aphorism attributed to Mark Twain.
Link1 - "Whorism is bad" an aphorism said by me.
Link2 - a + phor (for); Kids are generally taugt like "A for apple".. and there is a famous aphorism "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Apiary - a place where bees are kept
Usage - The loud buzzing coming from the apiary indicated that it was full.
Link1 -  Apiary~ a + pia(pie) i.e,if a pie is kept on the table bees will come to eat it.
Link2 -  Ape never loiter around apiary.

Aplomb - poise,self confidence, to do something with confidence and in a relaxed way
Usage - She has more poise and confidence than him.
Link - aplomb ~ a + pl (people) + OM; people normally chant 'OM' when they do meditation to keep themselves cool under strain. 

Apocryphal - widely believed but untrue
Usage - Most of the stories about Michael Jackson are apocryphal.
Link - apocryphal = apo + cry + phal;..Apoo cried when doctor told him that all phals(fruits) are restricted for him which was an apocryphal assumed by he doctor when someone suffers from sexual disorders.

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