Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Anorexia - loss of appetite
Link - Suffering from anorexia because of eating rassi(rope) along with ann(food).

Antagonism - feelings of hatred and opposition
Usage - The medicines injected into the patient were not working due to antagonism.
Link1 - anta (anti, against) + go + nism; Going against someone is being hostile or opposing to someone.
Link2 - Aunty Antra is an antagonist as she always opposes me to go out with her daughter.

Antediluvian - very old fashioned
Usage - A lot of people gathered to pay their last respects to the antediluvian. 
Link1 - antediluvian ~ anti (against) + luv (love); If you are against love, you are probably a person with antediluvian thoughts.
Link2 - Antediluvian = Aunty+de+luv..; Usually, Loving and Caring Aunties are OLD... very Old.. and hence the meaning...don't mix it up with milfs...

Anthology - collection of poems, stories, experts (Analects)
Usage - This anthology contains the most humorous short stories ever written. 
Link -  Ana Analects lekar ayi to raise my vocabulary.

Antidote - a substance that controls, remedy to counteract a poison
Usage - The antidote was injected quickly into the snakebite victim.
Link - anti + dote ~ against + dots; You have some dots (marks) on your face and you are looking for some antidote to remove them (go against them).

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snigdha said...

this is really good work..
but would have been better had there been proper sentential examples at the end..

snigdha said...

hai, this is really good.. but should improve on the sentences that use the word.. Picking 2 or 3 from a dictionary would go a long way